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WWII Vehicle



Variant of {{{variantof}}}
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Country of origin {{{country}}}
Manufacturer {{{manufacturer}}}
Crew {{{crew}}}
Dimensions Width {{{width}}}
Length {{{length}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Max Speed {{{speed}}}
Aces High II Ordnance Options
Primary Armament {{{maingun}}}
Options {{{options1}}}
Secondary Armament {{{auxord1}}}
Cargo {{{cargo1}}}
Other Ordnance {{{ord1}}}
Aces High II Armor Thickness
{{{armorname1}}} {{{armor1}}}
{{{armorname2}}} {{{armor2}}}
{{{armorname3}}} {{{armor3}}}
{{{armorname4}}} {{{armor4}}}
{{{armorname5}}} {{{armor5}}}
{{{armorname6}}} {{{armor6}}}
{{{armorname7}}} {{{armor7}}}
{{{armorname8}}} {{{armor8}}}
{{{armorname9}}} {{{armor9}}}
{{{armorname10}}} {{{armor10}}}
{{{armorname11}}} {{{armor11}}}
{{{armorname12}}} {{{armor12}}}
{{{armorname13}}} {{{armor13}}}
{{{armorname14}}} {{{armor14}}}
{{{armorname15}}} {{{armor15}}}
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Late War
Typical perk cost {{{perkcost}}} (Late War)
ENY value {{{LWENY}}} (Late War)
Available on carrier {{{carrier}}}
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