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All terrain textures may be edited in any graphics editing software to represent different types of terrains.

To obtain all of the default terrain textures, open your terrain and without clicking any other item click on the Save Textures button on the Terrain Tab in the Editing Options Area. A new folder will be created in your terrain folder called "savedtex" and all of the terrain textures will be in that folder.

In order for a texture that has been edited to appear in the game, it needs to be saved in the texsrc folder for the terrain it is to appear on. ie: C:Program Files/HTC/ah2editor/ahiiterr/myterr/texsrc

If you change the same texture more than once, you must be sure to remove it from the cache for the Terrain Editor. To do this, locate the folder ../HTC/ah2editor/cache/<your terrain name> and remove the corresponding TCA file from the folder ie: terr0001.TCA. If you fail to do this your changes to the texture will not show in the Terrain Editor.

The same applies if you are testing your terrain in the game itself. Remove the texture from the game cache in your ../HTC/Aces High II/cache/<your terrain name> folder.

NOTE: Use caution when editing the River textures. There are objects that establish what areas of the textures are water. For that reason, unless you are going to edit the objects with the Object Editor, you should match the path of the rivers to the existing textures.

The actual process of editing of the terrain textures is beyond the scope of this document. Information on how to edit terrain textures may be able to be found in the Tutorials section of Content Creation.


  • All textures must be 8-bit 256 Color Indexed bitmaps.
  • All textures must tile seamlessly within their group. ie: All grass textures and overlays must tile seamlessly with each other.
  • All texture sizes must be a square of 2. ie: 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512 etc.


There are some downsides that can occur when you edit the terrain textures.

  • Some objects such as airfields, have the grass texture built into them. This will cause a green patch on a texture created to look like sand.
  • If you edit the terrain texture for Forrest to look like Snow, the clutter objects will remain as forrest. This will put green trees all over your white snow.
  • The use of custom textures should be kept to a minimum since using them has the single largest impact on the final .RES file size.

Texture File Names[edit]

  • Water
    • terr0000.bmp
    • terr0100.bmp
    • terr0200.bmp
    • terr0300.bmp
  • Grass
    • terr0001.bmp
    • terr0101.bmp
    • terr0201.bmp
    • terr0301.bmp
  • Farm
    • terr0002.bmp
    • terr0102.bmp
    • terr0202.bmp
    • terr0302.bmp
  • Swamp
    • terr0003.bmp
    • terr0103.bmp
    • terr0203.bmp
    • terr0303.bmp
  • Rock
    • terr0004.bmp
    • terr0104.bmp
    • terr0204.bmp
    • terr0304.bmp
  • Forest
    • terr0005.bmp
    • terr0105.bmp
    • terr0205.bmp
    • terr0305.bmp
  • Snow
    • terr0006.bmp
    • terr0106.bmp
    • terr0206.bmp
    • terr0306.bmp
  • River 1
    • terr0007.bmp
    • terr0107.bmp
    • terr0207.bmp
    • terr0307.bmp
  • River 2
    • terr0008.bmp
    • terr0108.bmp
    • terr0208.bmp
    • terr0308.bmp
  • River 3
    • terr0009.bmp
    • terr0109.bmp
    • terr0209.bmp
    • terr0300.bmp
  • River 4
    • terr0010.bmp
    • terr0110.bmp
    • terr0210.bmp
    • terr0310.bmp