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The CM Terrain Team has created many specialized, playable terrains for Aces High II. These terrains attempt to depict real-world locations which were historical areas of fighting during World War II. The areas of conflict range from small, localized hotspots (such as Midway atoll) to broader, more expansive theaters (such as the Coral Sea).

Special Event terrains are hosted in the Special Events Arenas, SEA1 and SEA2, where the Special Events themselves are held, and are accessed by logging into the game and selecting the appropriate arena. If you have not already been on a specific terrain, it will automatically download to your computer once you've selected an arena. Once a terrain has been downloaded, it is available for you to load in Offline Mode, allowing for planning and practice. Terrains are often made available from the Aces High website Downloads page, and will (hopefully) be made available through this Wiki.

Terrain files are saved in the default location of Program Files/HTC/Aces High 2/Terrains folder.

Special Events Terrains are also frequently used in the Axis versus Allies Arena, where the AvA staff hosts historically-themed setups for a week or two at a time.

Special Events terrains are built using the Aces High II Content Editors, available to anyone who wishes to download them. As they are not intended for Main Arena play, the Special Events terrains are allowed to be very customized, depending on the needs of each terrain. For example, specialized texture sets can be applied to change the appearance of the ground from the default "Western Europe Summer" scheme to portray other environments, such as winter, desert, or jungle.

List of Special Events Terrains[edit]

This list contains several terrains that are being built and are not available yet! -Dux

European Theater[edit]

Eastern Front[edit]

North African Theater[edit]

Pacific Theater[edit]

Mediterranean Theater[edit]