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The Few, as an online squadron, have existed since 2003. Bruv119 is the only remaining active Founder of the Squadron. Hopefully JJ and Fess will return to online flying soon.

The idea behind the squad was twofold.

1. To create a force flying in GMT time zones. (British and European players only)

2. To remember and respect the historical "few", who gave everything they could in defending Great Britain from the Luftwaffe in 1940.


Within Aces High the squad has evolved to include many more members, whilst maintaining the high level of teamwork in whatever objectives we set ourselves. The squad has a very relaxed atmosphere and we are a good bunch of friends more than anything. We don't get wrapped up in "win the war" situations but do help sometimes when it is asked for. Some of our pilots are very talented dogfighters (Kazaa,Rumble) and we have our fair share of newer players who are always learning and becoming better at the game.

If you play from Europe and want a relaxed, fun, respected squad to fly with, then please browse to our website.

Squad Website

Training will be given to players with the right attitude and desire to learn.

Voice Comms

We have our own Ventrilo server that is free for our members to use. I would also extend that invite to non-squad members who would like to fly with us from Europe. If they haven't any members online or if they just want to hang out with us.


We fly for all countries and rotate in 4 Monthly cycles,

Jan-April--------> Bish

May-August ----> Rooks

Sept- Dec --------> Knights

Please visit our website for further information about the squad.