The Legend Of Y29 (Offline Mission)

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The Legend Of Y29 is an offline mission package created by soda72.


The airfield at Asch Belgium (Y-29) was an advanced landing ground used as the Allies pushed across Europe following the landings of D-Day. The airfield opened on 20th Nov 1944 and was in use until June 1945.

On January 1st 1945 the Luftwaffe launched Operation Bodenplatte, an all out attack on the Allied front line airfields. The Fw 190s and Bf 109s of JG-11 arrived at Asch just as the 487th FS of the 352nd FG were rolling down the runway; the ensuing battle came to be known as the Legend of Y-29. The pilots of the 487th Fighter Squadron took off under fire, and with the help of eight P-47s of the 366th (already in the air), the 487th shot down 23 German fighters out of 61 attackers. Several pilots made 'Ace' status that day; two had four confirmed kills apiece. For their performance the 487th received the only Distinguished Unit Citation given to a fighter squadron in the European theater.


The package contains two missions:

Mission: Ninth Air Force Y29, Protect Air fields (Allied)[edit]

  1. P-51D of 352d FG/487th FS flight I
  2. P-51D of 352d FG/487th FS flight II
  3. P-47D-11 366th FG/390th FS flight I
  4. P-47D-25 366th FG/391st FS flight I

Mission: "Unternehmen Bodenplatte" - JG 11 (Axis)[edit]

  1. Fw 190A-8 of 2./JG 11 Schwarm I
  2. Fw 190A-8 of 2./JG 11 Schwarm II
  3. Fw 190A-8 of 3./JG 11 Schwarm I
  4. Bf 109G-14 of 6./JG 11 Schwarm I


These missions requires the arden08s map, which is included with the zip file.


Download link[edit]

Installation instructions[edit]

  • Once is extracted, you will find three folders named ahiiterr, missres and offmiss.
  • From the ahiiterr folder, copy arden08s.fla, arden08s.fld, arden08s.pln, and arden08s.res into your C:/Program Files/HTC/Aces High II/ahiiterr folder.
  • From the missres folder, copy y29a.res into your C:/Program Files/HTC/Aces High II/missres folder.
  • From the offmiss folder, copy the y29a.mis file into your C:/Program Files/HTC/Aces High II/offmiss folder.
  • As with any offline mission, run Aces High, choose the terrain first (arden08s), then go to Offline Practice and select Practice Missions. You will then see the missions available, with various options.

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