The Mighty 316th Creeping Death

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Formed in late 2006, we are still a pretty small squad of about a dozen pile-its. Just a group of somewhat dedicated late night players that love to fly and fight together. While we mostly furball, we like to get into the strategic aspects of the game too: be it bomb runs, supply runs, or pork runs. We also tangle in the GVs from time to time just for grins. Fighter sweeps are a our favorites right now. The Mighty 316th is always looking to recruit new or experienced pilots that fit our mold ie: mature (in age only) pilots that fly evenings and late nights, with a laid back mentality that want to have fun in a smaller group. We try to stay away from the hordes, or atleast stay away from the friendly hordes, red hordes tend to be fun to mingle in. If your interested in flying with us, look for either Doolitle or TexsTC in the LW or DA one evening, and see if we are right for you. And skill level doesnt matter, we have several newer guys in the squad, its alot of fun for us helping out new pilots. We are also active in FSO, which is the best part of AH2-Electric Boogaloo