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The Muskies have been an active online combat flight squadron since 1990.

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The Musketeers Squadron is the oldest continuously operating virtual air combat squadron in history. The squadron was formed on February 23, 1990 in Air Warrior EGA, by Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnon, while it was on the GEnie Network.

The squadron has operated uninterrupted from Air Warrior EGA to Air Warrior VGA, on through Air Warrior AOL and Air Warrior Gamestorm/EA, Fighter Ace, and Aces High, with many of its original members still involved to this day.

Our motto is, "All for One and One for All!" and it has held true for nearly two decades of close association, fun, and friendship. We value comradeship, friendship, and character more highly than technical excellence in air combat, for the latter is fleeting and the former are everlasting. We believe that values, not scoring, are the only real basis for a squadron and we consciously shape and grow ours. We fly for one country only, believing that this builds a deeper level of trust with our fellow countrymen.

The Musketeers are entering their second generation, with the children of the original Muskies now joining the squadron.

The Muskies celebrated their 20th anniversary in February, 2010.