The killer chihuahuas

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The 18th FG Killer Chihuahuas

A squad since tour 97. I had an idea about starting a squad, so when me and linx33 went on the 4th bombing mission we had gone on, i learned about squads. I had the the urge to start my own squad and I invited linx33, and The S.E.A.Ls were born. linx didn't like that name and changed it to NEARY, but that was my name and i didn't want to have a big several days later i came up with the name The Killer Chihuahuas. I eventully got better at the game got a mic and joystick. since then the Killer Chihuahuas has become a 10 person squad. The 18th FG Killer Chihuahuas is a rook only squad,(with the exception of changing countries in the DA,TA, and AVA) going to knight or bish means immediate ejection from the squad. the 18th FG Killer Chihuahuas is an all around-squad that sometimes invite's new people (we don't like the term noob) and then trains them so they can invite and train more people. and that is how the killer chihuahuas came to be and what it takes.this is the first and only kid squad (under 18), any adult wanting to join will have to be tested. the squad website is