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The Squad was formed to give players the opportunity to have fun and advance in the game. Additionally, the Squad brings together a mix of serious simulator pilots and the casual player alike. We want all to see or wear the Squad patch with pride.

Many of us have been involved in flight simulations going all the way back to Air Warrior, WarBirds, and now Aces High, which we believe to be the most realistic online combat flight simulation available today, and we try to fly it realistically. We take pride in the abilities of the Squad, our relationship(s) with other squads, and our record in FSO.

That said, our squad mission is to provide a fun atmosphere and progress through the Aces High II while maintaining integrity, trust and mutual respect for all our members. We strive to make continuous improvement, and thus assuring the success of Thunder Mob. The purpose of this endeavor is to make this Squad as strong as possible in all aspects of the Game and to build a reputation as a formidable opponent in all Arenas’ of the game. On most other nights you can find us in the Late-War Arena. We used to fly exclusively as Bishop, but of late we have started a monthly rotation which us allows the squad to fly/fight with other squads that had traditionally been our adversaries. We believe this provides for new experiences, strengthened relationships and more fun! Friday night is Friday Squad Operations (FSO), which kind-of serves as our squad night. We participate in these religiously. FSO is not a casual affair and we take these pretty seriously. We follow order (almost) to the letter and generally do quite well. These events are historical recreations using plane sets from the battles of the day. These are one life affairs so chances that we might take in the main arena we probably don’t during FSO. For many of us (me), FSOs are the can’t miss events.

Command Staff:

- DCCBOSS - Commander In Charge
- KillrDan - Executive Commander in Charge
- shiv - Commanding Officer

FSO Command Staff:

- BlueE - Commanding Officer
- ezglider - Executive Officer