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Call sign : Chungo63

Squadron : (+)_Precision

Website :

Precision Avatar.gif


Country: Knights

Favorite Fighters: P-39Q, Hurricane Mk IIC, La-7, N1K

Favorite Bombers: B-24J, Ju-88

Favorite GV's: T-34 or M-4

Favorite way to irritate: I'm usually the one getting irritated!!!!

Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game: I do stupid things each time I fly.



I stumbled across Call of Duty years ago and really enjoyed it. However, the game soon became predictable and no longer fun to play. One day I happened to see Aces High and downloaded the software for the free 2 week trial. Well that was several years and several computers ago. The game is always fun and never predictable. Being a history buff, I really enjoy the realism of the different aircraft and vehicles. Not to mention the interaction with my squadies. As anyone who is reading this knows, this game becomes addictive


    • Born in New York
    • Gender Male
    • USA

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