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  • 1996-2001 Air Warrior (AW4W & AWII on AOhelL, AW3D on Gamestorm, AWMV on EA) and served as a Trainer and a CM in AWMV.
    • IDs: TDale, Murdr
    • Squads: Frying Tigers, Lone Eagles, ==REGULATORS==, ==38 Specials==
  • 1998ish-2001 Dabbled with Warbirds off and on
  • 2001+ Dabbled with World War II Online, Fighter Ace, Targetware
  • 2001-present Flew Aces High & Aces High II. Formerly on the AH Training Corps Team
    • IDs: Murdr, other names :)
    • Squads: ==38 Specials==, Twin Engined Devils, 479th Raiders

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