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Been with AH2 since June 06, but took a break from 07-09. Skiped the AW and WB stuff and jumped right in. Chose my name because I though I would be sweeping the skys when I started playing. To a small extent that has happened, but my calling seems to be in GV's. I've met many friends and rivals, even on other countries.

Squads: ~The Guardians~ (disbanded), 51st (The Ghosts) (disbanded), 49th FG "fightin' 49ers"

Favorite Fighters: P-51B, F4F/FM2, 109E/F, 190A5, P-40E (she's my favorite :p).

Favorite GV's: M4A3(76)W, Tiger I.

Favorite bombers: B5N2, Ju-88, Ju-87.

Best memory from Aces High: Killing a member of "+ Precision" in a Spitfire XIV while flying a P-40E. He eventually turned out to be a good friend.

Names: so many I can't remember them all. I've had at least 3 different Nemisis ID's, and a miriad of other names. I'm 49Nem in my current incarnation.

See you in the skys

--49Nem, 18th January 2010