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Call sign : Stogie1

Real name : Tom

Squadron : (+)_Precision

Website :

Precision Avatar.gif

Usually found in Late_War_Main_Arenas


Country: Knights

Favorite Fighters: Spitfire Mk XIV, Typhoon, Bf109K4, P-51D

Favorite Bombers: B17-G, B-24J

Favorite GV's: Tiger or Wirbelwind

Favorite way to irritate: Camp an enemy VH or spawn

Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game: Cool = Like killing fighters with HE rounds from tank. Weird = Flying through hangers. Stupid = Flying

Equipment: My equipment is fine.

  • Joysticks: Need to get one.


Played flying/fighting sims since my first IBM AT computer. Had all of the Microprose titles. First started flying online back with Air Warrior then AWII(while it was free). Saw ad for Aces High and tried it out in early 2003. Flown here off and on for free until they eliminated the free arena then became a regular subscription player about three years ago. I've flow casually up to this point(no joystick), never training seriously or learning ACM but I'm tired of getting killed when I shouldn't.



    • Born in Camden N.J., '58
    • Gender Male
    • USA
    • Richmond, VA
    • Married w/ 2 kids
    • Love sports, played football (not soccer), Go Virginia Tech!!!
    • Enjoy my cigars (Hence the Stogie nickname) My favorites are Ashton.
    • Other than AHII, I consider mass consumption of cold beer at my favorite buffalo wing joint with friends and a good cigar to be a fine way to spend an evening.

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