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Callsign: Jager

Location: Washington State, USA

Squadron affiliation: Kommando Nowotny

Specialization(s): Bf 109K-4, Ju-87D, PanzerKampfWagen V "Panther" Ausführung G.

Service Record: Enlisted May 2006; participant 4 Scenarios; Gruppe Führer in 1 Scenario; awarded the Eiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse (Iron Cross, 2nd class) by Oberst Perdweeb for service in FSO; honorable discharge on September 2nd, 2011.

I've played Aces High for about 6 years, but never played Air Warrior, or Warbirds. Saw a commercial during an episode of "Dogfights", tried it, and I was hooked. I swear, this game probably has a higher addiction-rate than cocaine. I wandered around squadless untill about 2008, where I began flying with (but not joining) various squadrons. For the most part, I flew bombers, or the P-51D.

About 2009, I stopped flying bombers so much, and mostly got into fighters and GV'ing, where I found my calling. I've always been kind of annoyed by the fact that in Aces High, numbers often count for more than does skill, and so I started tanking, where skill is most important. About a year and a half later, I started flying with Komando Nowotny, and began flying almost exclusivly Axis aircraft. I sorta fell in love with the kameraderie and friends you get with a squadron, as I'm sure many do.

Absolutely hate hordes, spitfires, and HO's, since they're all the easiest way to do things, which is to say the lazy way.

Favorite planes are the Bf 109K-4, 109E-4, 190A5, and the Ju-87.

Always fly with honor, always fly better, and always improve,

--Oberleutnant Jager, 29 January 2012