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I'm based in Canberra, Australia. First played AH in 2001, but took an extended baby-rearing break from 2003 to early 2008. I make no claims whatsoever for pilot skills. My in-game handle is Madina.

I've spent some time on terrain development in the past... still something I'm very interested in.

By day/night I'm a website designer/developer, working from home on mainly European sites.

My grandfather was in WWII in some kind of aircraft-based signals intelligence in the Pacific, attached to the US Navy and Macarthur.

Wantok is a word in Tok Pisin, a creole which is the lingua franca of Papua New Guinea, a nation of over 800 languages - and my second home. Derived from the English words "one" and "talk", wantok broadly means "one of my people" - someone who speaks the same language, comes from the same place, or even just a friend.