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Squadron History

VMF-251 was founded in November, 2006 by three Rook pilots; Saxman, ScrapMtl and xREAPERx, who all shared a love of the F4U Corsair. The Buccaneers are semi-historical, as there was a VMF-251 that saw combat during WWII--first as VMO-251 during the Battle of Guadalcanal and later as VMF-251 Satan's Messengers--but do not have a strong link to the original squadron. Rather, VMF-251 chose to reflect the typical Marine Fighting Squadron operating in the Pacific Theater of Operations during WWII. Initially the squadron was primarily active in the Main Arena before it was later split into Early, Mid and Late-war, at which point they primarily remained in the Late War Arena. VMF-251 participated in several Snapshot events, and beginning on November 30, 2007, joined participation in Friday Squad Ops.

As of 2010 the squadron is no longer active.

Squadron Leadership and Organization

VMF-251 was commanded by squadron founder Saxman, who primarily handled operations of the squadron during FSO events, as his flying time has decreased. CpMorgan served as Executive Officer, with 1Duke1 as squadron Training Officer. MEF4UD, Drazz and HAMMERR rounded out the command staff as flight leaders. Rank within the squad follows USMC ranking, and was determined by a combination of flying ability, seniority, and role within the squadron. Flight Leaders carried the rank of Captain, and Section Leaders the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Situational exceptions did exist, based on roster turnout and other factors. New recruits into the squadron were listed under the Roster with the rank of Warrant Officer 1, and were considered non-roster "invitees." They weren't on the Main Arena roster, but were considered part of the squadron. This did include a full invitation to the Special Events Arena roster due to the requirements of uniform in FSO events. As recruits were passed on a variety of criteria as evaluated by Training Officer 1Duke1 they progressed through the Warrant Officer ranks (WO1, and CWO2-5). Once a recruit passed all training and was been officially invited into the squadron they were promoted to a minimum rank of 2nd Lieutenant.


Chicks dig gullwings!


The goal of VMF-251 is to simulate the typical USMC squadrons that fought in the Pacific Theater during WWII. A primary focus is on teamwork and cooperation, with the goal of bringing as many pilots home in a sortie as possible. The squadron has recently begun training in wingman tactics and formation maneuvers which all squadron members and recruits are expected to become proficient in.



The primary ride of VMF-251 is the Chance/Vought F4U-1A Corsair. The squadron also frequently uses the F4U-4 for air-to-air, and occasionally air to ground missions. The F4U-1D and 1C are also commonly flown for strike missions. The B-25H is another favorite of the squadron, and is frequently used for ground attack sorties when more firepower is needed than the Corsairs can offer. Other aircraft are also flown as need and whimsy dictates.


VMF-251 has the following requirements for prospective members:

  • A preference for the F4U Corsair as a primary ride, however it should be noted that exclusive use of the Corsair is not required. Some members do so out of preference, but many will fly other aircraft as well.
  • Paying membership
  • An interest in teamwork and cooperation
  • US time zone preferable

Squadron Operations

VMF-251 primarily flieed for the Rooks in the Late War Main Arenas. Occasionally members visited Mid or Early War, and some spent time in Dueling, and occasionally changed to another country to fly with friends on that side. The main squad night was held on Saturdays, officially at 9pm EST but often earlier. Additionally, the squadron generally joined together when more than one member was online. Training was held on Wednesdays, also at 9pm EST. On Friday nights at 11pm EST the squadron participated in FSO in the Special Events Arenas. Other special events, such as snapshots, were generally announced ahead of time either on the squadron forum or via e-mail, including date and time of the event. Participation in FSO or other special events was not mandatory, but encouraged.

Currently, VMF-251 does not fly as a squadron in Axis vs. Allies.


VMF-251 is no longer an active squadron.


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