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It is of some comfort to us both that the term is not very distant at which

we are to deposit in the same cerement our sorrows and suffering bodies,

and to ascend in essence to an ecstatic meeting with the friends we have loved and lost, and whom we shall still love and never lose again.

-- Thomas Jefferson - letter to John Adams Aug 1, 1816


Joined with so many before, another fallen star is in the sky with God.

May they all fly with one another in that great big beautiful sky and beyond. God speed to all.

My Fallen Friends

Submitted humbly by 79th Fighter Group

Wall of Honor list - AH wiki.PNG

If you would like to add a member not listed or leave a comment click link below.

Please let us know the following

  • 1.Aces High II name / call sign
  • 2.Squadron / Group name
  • 3.was the members a CO or XO
  • 4. Aces High II & or Air Warrior also


Since 2006 the 79th Fighter Group has maintained a Wall of Honor of fallen Aces High II members.

We thought that we should list the fallen members some where on Aces High II. Then Aces High II wiki came along. So we decided to put this up on wiki.

It is the least we can do. Salute!

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