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The Wings of Terror is a squadron that flies in a World War II combat flight simulator, called Aces High II. Formed back in the days of Air Warrior, the squad has a long history.

Where we are from
Wings of Terror members come from primarily the United States, but we have a few members from all over the world.

The Chess Piece
We fly for the Rookland, and enjoy killing Bishops and Knights alike.

The Wings
The Wings of Terror has only one wing now. Our CO is SHawk. Occasionally, we will switch our squad name to mock another squad. It is purely out of fun and no one should take it seriously.

Voice Comms
We fly on VOX 169, and if you don't mind the occasional cuss word, you can come fly with us anytime.

Squad Dweeb Ride
The main ride of the Wings of Terror is the "Hose Nose", the "Hog", the "Bent Wing Bastard", the "Ensign Eliminator", the "Whistling Death", more commonly known as the Vought F4U-1C "Corsair".

The F4U-1C was a small production run of the Corsair that featured four 20mm cannons in place of the normal armament of six .50 caliber machine-guns. Vought produced 200 F4U-1Cs. The 1Cs first saw combat during the Okinawa campaign where they saw heavy action. VMF-311 was equipped with the 1C and tallied 71 victories during that campaign. VF-85 was also furnished with 1Cs and recorded 40 victories in the Okinawa campaign and later over mainland Japan.

In Aces High, the F4U-1C is similar to the F4U-1D with the exception of its heavier armament. The heavier armament gives it more punch but it fires fewer projectiles per second and has a shorter ammunition duration. The F4U-1C carries an armament of four M2 20mm cannons with a total of 924 rounds of ammunition. The primary trigger fires the inner pair of cannons. The secondary trigger fires the outer pair of cannons. Two wing points can carry drop tanks or bombs of up to 1000lbs. Four rockets can also be mounted separately.