Winter Breakout (Offline Mission)

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Winter Breakout mission.jpg

Winter Breakout is an offline mission package created by USRanger.

Prepare yourself for the fight of your virtual life as you are thrown into the fury of the battle between the Red Air Force and the Luftwaffe! The Russians are determined the destroy the German radar complex. The Luftwaffe must do anything it can to stop them!

The package contains two missions:

  • Red Storm (Allied)
  • Fire, Ice and the Iron Cross (Axis)


Total aircraft: 164

Download links[edit]

Installation instructions[edit]

  • Terrain: both the missn2.res and missn2.fld files go in your Aces High II\ahiiterr folder.
  • Mission file (in the mission zip): the winter breakout.mis file goes into your Aces High II\offmiss folder.
    • Non-default install location: If your Aces High installation is not in the default location (which is C:\Program Files\HTC\Aces High II\ ), you will need to edit the winter breakout.mis file. Find the Aces High II\offmiss\winter breakout.mis file in Windows Explorer and open it in a text editor such as Notepad. Now do a replace (Edit > Replace in Notepad), changing each C:\Program Files\HTC\Aces High II\ to match your install location. Now save the winter breakout.mis file. (Note - this is a temporary workaround only; this step will not be needed after a future Offline Mission Editor release.)
  • Sound files (also in the mission zip): The Winter Breakout folder that contains all the .wav files goes into your Aces High II\missres folder. Place the entire Winter Breakout folder into your missres folder, so the .wav files end up being in the Aces High II\missres\Winter Breakout folder.
    • missres folder: If you do not see a folder named missres inside your Aces High II folder, make a new folder there and rename it to missres before copying the sound files in as above.
  • Run the mission: As with any offline mission, run Aces High, choose the terrain first (missn2), then go to Offline Practice and select Practice Missions. You will then see the missions available, with various options.

Playing tips[edit]

  • Recommended Settings (Clipboard: Options > Arena Setup > Environment):
    • x3 ammo count (PlaneGunAmmoMult)
    • F3 (outside) view enabled (ViewModeFlags > check External Fighter and External Bomber)
  • On the runway, hit F3, then F8, then tap 8 on the num pad a few times to give you a nice high 6 o'clock view of your plane. The runway is crowded at first, so it helps to see where you are going.
  • Hit Alt-I once. This will switch the icons from names (AI***) to plane types. This helps you to stay with your flight and know what you are fighting.

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