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World War II aircraft
Variant of Yak-9 "Frank"
Type Fighter
Country of origin U.S.S.R.
Manufacturer Yakovlev
Crew Single-Seat
Dimensions Wing span 31' 11 1/2"
Length 28'
Height 9' 10"
Internal fuel 139 Gallons
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The Yak-9U in World War II[edit]


Unit Deployment[edit]

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Aces High II aircraft
Variant of Yak-9
Type Fighter
Crew Single Seat
Aces High II loadout options
Package 1 1x 20mm ShVAK 120 RPG
2x UBS 12.7 MG's 170 RPG
Options No External Options.
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Late War
Typical perk cost 0 (Late War)
ENY value 23 (Late War)
Available on carrier no
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The Yak-9U in Aces High II[edit]

Engine Power[edit]

The Yak-9U is tailored more to medium-low level work, having an absolute top speed of 415mph at about 16.5K and a top speed at sea-level of 355mph. Unusually, the Yak-9U does not have WEP, instead achieving all these numbers without artificial extra boost. With no danger of overheating, the Yak-9U can basically run all the time at full power and stay within 1-2mph of all aircraft except the absolute low altitude speed demons. You never have to worry about running out of WEP, which can be a serious issue in many aircraft. If not for WEP in other aircraft, the Yak-9U would be tied for 4th fastest plane in the game at sea-level. A short climb to 6.5K and the Yak can cruise at 393mph, which is awesome. Fuel duration is 28 minutes at full power which would normally be a little short but fuel never seems to be a problem in the Yak-9U. Climb rates are very respectable, over 3,700ft/min at low level and retaining over 3,100ft/min at medium altitudes. Given the quick climb, excellent transit speed, and no abuse of WEP, the fuel range of the Yak-9U is suprisingly long. Acceleration is only average at low levels so make sure you keep your speed up and don't rely on acceleration to get you out of trouble.

Aces High II Performance Charts[edit]

Yak9uclmb.jpg Yak9uspd.jpg


The only real downside, although not a major one, is its lack of firepower. Wielding 1 20mm cannon with 120 rounds, and 2 12.7 UBS MG's with 170 RPG, it is not the type of aircraft to spray and pray with. When using the 20mm cannon, you need to make your shots count. Those 20mm rounds go quickly! The best thing to do is to set your convergence between 275 and 500 yards. The maximum range you want to be taking your shots at is around 400-500 yards away. That is a range at which you'll have a better chance of hitting your target. This is not a good deflection shooter though, it lacks the volume of ammunition needed.


The Yak is a very maneuverable fighter aircraft. It only weighs 7,000lbs!. This is around the same weight as a Spitfire. To compare, the N1K comes in at 9040lbs! It is a very light aircraft and handles well. At its top speed of 415 MPH, it handles amazing. In extreme high speeds, exceeding 550 mph, it still handles wonderfully. There are no signs of compression or stability related issues. Turning is excellent at high speeds, and at low speeds its above average. I'm not saying you'll turn with a B5N, but it should give competition to average turners, such as the P-51. Also, roll rate is outstanding, from 200 mph to 550 mph. It is a stable aircraft when firing, which makes it an above average gun-platform.

Fighting in the Yak-9U[edit]

The Yak9U is a very decent fighter. It can both BnZ and TnB, because of its 20mm cannon it can zoom in and take out a target with ease and because of its weight, acceleration, speed, and turn rate it can get low and slow then get out of a fight once it has dispatched an enemy. The 9U has a good vertical performance also, it may not be able to climb with a Tempest or a 109K4 but it can easily rope many other planes. But getting extremely slow in a fight makes the 9U's surfaces slow to respond making it more then easy to crash into a tree or run into the ground, if you aren't winning the fight and getting even slower it probably isn't worth it to keep fighting. The 9U is best at around 16,000 feet in terms of speed but it's turn rate starts to lack at that altitude so you should keep the fight at about 10,000ft or lower. When fighting you must conserve your ammo as you don't have that many rounds for your 20mm (120). The 9U is a very tough plane so when you are fighting don't be scared to take a few .50's as this will do little to the plane except for the occasional pilot wound. Also if you happen to be far from a friendly airfield you might want to watch your fuel because the 9U has just over 23 minutes on a full tank, keep an eye on your fuel tanks and if you lose one it is a good bet you might want to RTB at the risk of running out.

Fighting against the Yak-9U[edit]

Your best bet in fighting a 9U is to get it low and slow. It is a very good climber and has very good speed and acceleration so if it is just BnZing you just get some distance before engaging it. Your best bet is to get it very low and slow, about 150-175mph, use as many flaps as you can and try and engage it in a scissors maneuver because of the slow to respond control surfaces at that speed. The 9U has very good armor making it hard to kill on a snapshot, if you have any thing lesser than a 20mm you might want to get the 9U to overshoot and you may have a chance at killing it as it starts running. If you are at altitude a good defensive maneuver is to dive away from it. Because of the 9U's low weight it has a bad dive rate, therefore many planes can easily dive away from a fight with it.

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