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How we play!

If you are looking for a more organized game play? If you would enjoy flying missions with specific targets and goals and yes even perhaps returning from a mission alive, than take a look at the 113th Lucky Strikes, because we are looking for you.

The 113th takes a more organized approach to game play. Following a loose military chain of command. The 113th’s approach to game play is geared more towards team work and mission success rather than individual point score or fur balling. As a result the 113th is not for everyone.

Types of mission: Fighter Sweeps, Bombers missions, Bomber Escorts and Fighter Attack missions as well as GV missions, using as detailed a mission profile as the game allows. Mission briefings generally include flight element assignments with routes, altitudes, targets, IP’s, egress and rendezvous waypoints, plus all communications channels used.

Types of aircraft used: appropriate for the mission flown. The 113th uses the P38 as its primary aircraft, however, sometimes different missions call for a mix of different aircraft.

If you are interested in maximizing your game play enjoyment, check us out in the LWA on Vox 113 or contact Gunston CO or Traveler XO. We are a dedicated Aces High Squad.

Squad Members

Squad CO Gunston
Squad XO Traveler
Squad Morale Officer SirPyro MIA
Flight Lead Skillet
Flight Lead
Wingman Squad Member
Wingman Squad Member
Wingman Squad Member

Squad Night

113th Lucky Strikes fly as Knights on Saturday evenings at 7:00PM EST, in a Late War Arena.

113th Film Library

AH FilmViewer files

There have been issues with the file sharing vendor I use, media fire. For best results after clicking on the Download link, select save and put the film into an AH movie or film folder. These files work with the AH film viewer. If you do chose to just open the file, some times the file appears to contain nothing. with a count of 0/01. Not sure why. I assure you all files contain valid film for the AH viewer.

Reference Aircraft

113th Lucky Strikes Standard Load Out(s)

P-38G 50% fuel with large gun package and one drop tank

P-38J 50% fuel with large gun package and two drop tanks

P-38L 75% fuel with Large gun package, 10 rockets and two 1000lb bombs

Lucky Strike Pick of The Week

Click on the link and view the film.


After Action Report

113th Lucky Strikes After Action Report:

Operations started at 19:00 hours Local time with Traveler reporting for duty, Gunston and Skillet were already running operations against the Bishop base located at P53. Numbers were not supporting Knights and it appeared that Bishops and Rooks had formed an evil alliance.

Knights had massed a large armada consisting of 2 Task Groups made up of 2 carrier groups supported by Ground forces attacking directly at P53 from A36 with supporting Air Groups. This should have been a quick capture of the Port and defending CV Group. Unfortunately the usual fog of war precluded the Knights from presenting a unified front and any appearance of organized operations was only due to wishful thinking and coincidence on the part of the observer. 113th attempted to develop cooperative organized operations with open invites to a number of players with no takers. We ran Interdiction and suppression operations with no success or support from Knights.

Bishops organized a superior defense at P53 and fought the Knights to a standstill while at the same time managing an organized strike on the Knights Port P55 Location from their Large Airfield at location A63. The 113 Lucky Strikes responded with a continues bombing missions against Bishop assets at A63 and the Bishop CV Group trapped in port at P53. A major lack of any usable intel prohibited any and all attempts to support ground operations at P53. Most of our attacks were wasted resources as requests for nme positions were met with either unusable information or outright distain. 113th Pilots reported radio exchanges like this: “Lucky Strikes here with three heavy P38’s, on station, where do you need bombs?” a Tanker answering with: “They are all over the place, just pick a spot”, or even better “next to the tree”. At that point the 113th Lucky Strikes CO Gunston stopped all direct support operations of Knight ground elements, including resupply Ords, dropping of Vehicle supplies and troops at P53. With the Bishops now making a move to capture P55, Gunston ordered the 113th to establish a BarCAP between Bishops P53, A63 and Knights Port P55. We also continued to bomb VH’s and Ord and their fleet attempting to operate out of P53. Gun camera footage will be added as soon as it is reviewed by S3.

Traveler XO 113th Lucky Strikes


HighTech Creations AH Training area.

AT6 Takeoff and landing Flight Instruction

WWII Acrobatics Instruction

WingOvers & Chandelles


US Army Air Corps Training Film for the P38 Lighting.

US Navy Air Corps Training Film for the Barrel Roll.

US Army Air Corps Training Film "The Jap Zero"

US Army Air Corps Flak Training Film

P38 Preflight.

Divebombing Part 1 Part 2, Part 3

Thatch Weave Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Inverted spin training

Accelerated Stall
P38 Spin Recovery Lockheed Training

Formation Flying


113th Lucky Strikes,
Mission Briefing

1. Briefing will be held at Field Name 8. Altitude
2. Target Primary / Secondary 9. IP Location
3. Aircraft Load Out 10. Target assignments
4. Flight Element Assignments 11. Rally Points
5. Departing Airfield/Runway Assignments 12. Egress Route
6. Taxi Instructions 13. Egress Altitude
7. Route of Flight 14. Special Instructions/ Assignments


Targeting Maps


Operational Orders

The Lucky Strikes has developed missions that have proven successful.

Mission Name Aircraft Nature
Operation Junk Yard DogP-38L75% Two 1000lbs bombs Rockets V-Base Attack
Operation Lighting BoltP-38L50% DropTanks Rockets AAA Suppression
Operation Blue LightingP-38L75% 2000lbs Rockets Base Attack
Operation Lightning RodP-38J50% Drop Tanks Fighter Sweep
Operation HookerP-38J75% Drop Tanks Escort

Strat Targets

Isolating a Battlefield or Base Isolating a battlefield for attack or defense

Interdiction was a strategy that was employed by U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. It was designed to isolate and weaken a target before an attack was launched against the objective.

In Aces High this strategy only has limited value. This is primarily due to the short down-time of destroyed hangars. Nevertheless, by using one of two approaches, this strategy can still be very effective.

Its use is applicable in two broad areas. The first is to isolate a target from reinforcements and weaken it before an attack. The second is to assist a friendly base that is under attack by denying the enemy assets it needs to destroy friendly targets or capture towns. The first can be used in the defensive role as well.

Fighter and Vehicle Hangar Interdiction — Offensive & Defensive

This is theoretically the most effective approach, however, the number of pilots needed and the coordination required make employing this strategy all but impractical, unless conditions are right. Its chief drawback is that you need enough skilled dive bombers to destroy all the fighter & vehicle hangars on all surrounding bases that might be able to send reinforcements. This could amount to from 8 to over 20 interdiction pilots alone. Clearly, unless hangar down times are extended, this strategy is severely limited.

Barracks and Ordnance Destruction — Defensive

This is probably the more practical solution. Barracks and ordnance bunkers stay down for 45 minutes after they are destroyed. This would give the defending base enough "breathing room" to prepare their defenses and fend off future attacks. Destroying the Barracks on nearby bases means the enemy doesn't have troops to capture a base. Knocking out ordnance bunkers insures that the enemy no longer has the bombs it needs to kill hangars, carriers, etc. By destroying these assets on enemy bases surrounding a besieged friendly base, we assist in the defense of that base significantly.

The pounds of ord needed to destroy and the resulting down time assigned by Aces High to each target is listed here