364th Fighting C-Hawks

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"Once a <C-HAWK> always a <C-HAWK>!"

Introduction to the 364th

History of the C-Hawks

The 364th Fighting C-Hawks

The Early Days

Between 1991-92 two online gamers, jhffo and erik^ talked in a chat room in the game Air Warrior about creating a squad. The lack of an organized group was noted when players were not communicating or working together to have fun in AW. The squad they planned to create would incorporate the concepts of teamwork, camaraderie, and fun. It was not long before players from the many different arenas in AW were looking to join the <C-HAWKS>. It was almost a decade that the <C- HAWKS> set the standards for the bombing and capturing airfields. The <C-HAWKS> were always ranked in the top 5 for squads in bombing, which was feat in and of itself.

As Air Warrior was purchased by Electronic Arts and then shortly shut down the members went through a hard time with no gaming community to identify with. This was a hard time for the <C-HAWKS> and many wondered if they would be saying goodbye for good, but that never happened. The old adage held true that "Once a <C-HAWK> always a <C-HAWK>!" Squad members, or by this time friends, still talked online, on the phone or through the e-mails. It wasn't long until the <C-HAWKS> branched out into different online games, but kept their philosophical roots that the <C-HAWKS> were based upon.

Return of the C-Hawks

The two prominent online games that the old members went to were the Aces High and World War II Online. Goose created the <C HAWKS> squad in Aces High for many old Aw players that joined and continues to carry on the concepts of a good air squadron that was once a dominating force in Air Warrior. Sortie, also known as 6kill from his AW days, joined World War II Online and started to carry on the <C HAWKS> tradition there. It wasn't long before jhffo, putty and the many old timers from the AW days joined. Sortie, on the day he joined WWIIOL, went from being laughed at as a one man squad to leading one of the most organized groups in the game. Many players in WWIIOL rallied around the old concepts of teamwork, camaraderie and fun in order to have a good time in the game.

Today the <C-HAWKS> have been established as a respected member of the Aces High community. The old <C-HAWKS> ideology of good teamwork, camaraderie and fun had spread! People knew they could join up with any <C-HAWKS> operation and have a good time online.

Over the years, many have rallied around the <C-HAWKS> name. In the past it was just a name for a group of players to identify themselves with, but over the many years the name changed to define the things its members believed in. Consequently, the name <C-HAWKS> is defined by the concepts of teamwork, camaraderie and fun. To call oneself a <C-HAWK> is embody and believe in those three principle concepts.

The REAL 364th Fighter Group




364th FG C-Hawks



This is the cream of the C-Hawk crop. Comprised of the most weathered C-Hawks, they are the de facto leaders of the C-Hawks in Aces High. Led by the CHawks CO, SpiveyCH, they provide the C-Hawks with a firm base to build upon. MORE INFO TO BE ADDED LATER....

383rd BW/AG RTC


XO: QcareCH FXO: RatmanCH FlightLead: Buckrgrs

The 383rd began as a completely different squadron in Aces High known as the Rosario's Traveling Circus, or RTC for short. The RTC was another squadron from the days of AirWarrior, led by Genrl and Gato among others. When the old RTC members discovered Aces High, they knew that they'd come home. A gradual expansion began as members, old and new, joined the squadron that would blanket the sky with bombers. The RTC had respectable fighters in their own right, but level bombing was their calling card. Few bases stood up to the relentless rain of bombs that fell from the RTC's BUFFs. During this time, the C-Hawks and RTC began to fly together thanks to a chance meeting of a few of its pilots one day over NDIsles. But the glory days were numbered. Gato's failing health caused him to retire from the game. This combined with an exponential growth made the RTC a difficult boat to steer and she began to leak pilots. As the numbers dwindled, the RTC was in danger of becoming defunct, standing at the precipice when Genrl himself chose to move on to a land of Nightelves and magic. Qcare, Kwik and a valiant few carried on the RTC name, but it was a shadow of its former self. Luckily the C-Hawks were going strong and, looking to expand, they invited the RTC to join up, forming the 383rd Bomber Wing/Attack Group and the third C-Hawk wing in addition to the 364th and 384th. Since becoming a part of the C-Hawks family, the RTC has regained some of its former glory as old members have returned and new members have been recruited. The RTC is proud to be called C-Hawks, and holds the mutual history of both squads in high regard.

384th FW


XO: LoedeCH FXO: McNasty2

The 384th was the first expansion wing of the C-Hawks, created to control the growth of the squadron. MORE INFO TO BE ADDED LATER....

385th FW Motleys Aces


XO: MotleyCH FXO: Fishpot FlightLead: BansheCH

Although newcomers to the C-Hawks, these pilots are anything but newbies. Another squadron that has its roots in AirWarrior, Motleys Aces are under the lead of MotleyCH. MORE INFO TO BE ADDED LATER....

Squad Activities

Squad Night

Squad nights for the C-Hawks are Wednesdays and Sundays at 20:00 EST/17:00 PST...that's 8PM/5PM for you non-military folks.


The C-Hawks also fly FSO in AcesHigh Events every Friday at 11:00PM EST. We have approximately 20-25 members show up for this Registered Only Squad Event. Usually there are a total of 300 participants that recreate Famous Air Battles from WWII.

Joining the C-Hawks

  • We fly for the Knights, in one of the Late War Arena's.
  • We ask for all people requesting to join us, to fly with us for a day or two. It's not about your skills, just looking for people that are well mannered, who like to have fun and fly as a team.
  • We currently have 4 Squadrons or Wings as we call them.
  364th C-HAWKS FG           HQ Squadron
  383rd RTC/CH BW/AG         Bomber Wing/Attack Group
  384th FA/CH 364th FG       Fighter Wing
  385th MotleyAces/CH FS     Fighter Wing

We don't expect you to fly any specific airplane. But if you specialize in certain types of airplanes we can invite you to the Wing of your choice.

  • Look us up in the arena's and Tune Your Radio to Channel 164..and check out our Forums for more information.