39th FS "Cobra in the Clouds"

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"Cobras Den"


The 39th FS is named after an historical squadron. While we are a "squad" about the only thing we do together is have fun. Fighter sweeps are our mainstay, but buffing and GV isn't really below us either. Where ever the fun can be found, you'll always find a "cobra" !


Twinboom started the 39th in the late summer of 2007. Before that we had a very big group of 38 stick flying under the name of the 475th Satan's Angels with Killnu as CO. The squad had gotten too big, so it split apart. Some went to a newly formed group called 80th FS "Headhunters"], while others moved to a number of other squads. The 475th that was flying over at "Warbirds" moved into Aces High about then. So to allow them to keep the name they had flown under for so long, and to avoid any confusion, Twin started the 39th.


FIGHTING ! Well ok as long as its fun. Our main interest is to find a fight, and then to dive right in. Out numbered or not its all about the fight. Again, we don't frown on bombing and GVing, or base taking, and some people actually have fun doing that, but most often you'll find us winging in our fighters just spoiling for a fight.


Mid war and Late war is where we hang out. Switching sides is ok with us, but more often than not we are flying as Rooks, and can find a fight in one of those 3 arenas.


Historically the true 39th flew P40's in training, Then moved on to the P-39. They were the first squad to fly the P-38 in the Pacific theater in combat. Later in the war they moved through the P-47, and then onto the P-51. We as a "virtual" squad use these as our main rides. Its not a hard and fast rule, as you will see use any many type of aircraft. Again, its all about fun !