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The 412th is a virtual fighter squadron that participates in Hitech Creations, WWII combat simulator, "Aces High". The squad was formed on April 12th of 2001 with the idea of being something different from most other squads in the game.

Origin of the name "Braunco" by Midnight

Braunco is actually two words combined into one.

The first word, "Braun" indicates strength and endurance. The second word (partial word) is "co" indicating co-operation and teamwork. Both of these are qualities and attributes that I admire, and want to instill into all the members of this squad. I feel the name is fitting to the 412th as it is a pseudo-spelling for the word "bronco" which is a wild Mustang horse.

The 412th Mission

The main aircraft of the 412th is and shall remain the North American P-51 Mustang in either the B (Bravo) or D (Delta) version. The majority of all squad related activities will be carried out in this plane. Our goal is to be the best P-51 drivers both as individuals AND as a fighting unit that works as a team. The 412th Fighter Squadron's objectives and goals all lead to making this squadron the best P-51 squadron in any WWII on-line flight simulator.

As a secondary aircraft, which can be used in early war type situations, the P-40 Warhawk in either the B (Bravo) or E (Echo) version. This aircraft was flown by an Uncle (Robert N. Gale, 88th FS "Burma Banshees") of one of the original members of the 412th, Wail.

Teamwork and communication are two of the essential skills that the 412th will use to be successful. All squad members are highly encouraged to seek out their brethren whenever they enter the arena, find out where they are and join up with them as soon as it is possible. The use of "Lone-wolf" tactics is discouraged and will be frowned upon. Those who are unable to work in a structured team environment are not the types of pilots that are in the 412th. Just flying in the same area as other squad members is not the goal here. In the 412th, we will employ tactics and training that will get us all more kills and bring each of us home safely after the battle is won.

The 412th strives to always provide a positive presence in the arena by showing respect to friends as well foes, and by providing help and leadership when it is needed. Members of the 412th should always be seen as professional and respectable.

Main Arena Squad Night

The main squad night is Sunday at 9:00PM Eastern.

Friday Night Squad Operations

The 412th have particpated in FSO since 2002 with some periods of inactivity since then. Last year in 2009 the 412th flew over 260 sorties and shot down 220 enemy aircraft. We are currently looking to expand our squad in FSO and are looking for pilots.


The 412th is currently looking for new members to fill its ranks. Many times, squadron members will actively recruit new members as they are always on the lookout for P-51 pilots. Also, anyone interested in joining can contact any full member of the squadron and request to be considered for membership.

The new member process is rather simple, however it is important that all the criteria are met to achieve full member status. Please visit our website for more info.


Code of Conduct

Members of the 412th are expected to act at a higher standard than the average player in the MA. We should be perceived as a group of respectable and professional acting pilots that are willing to help in organized country efforts when they occur, and provide leadership when it is needed. We need to all take care to avoid any sort of open or private insults to other players. When tempers flare, we will be the ones who take a deep breath and keep the situation under control.

Part of showing respect to other players will include saluting them. Friendly pilots may be saluted on the country channel, while enemy pilots should be saluted on the open channel for all to see. Use your best judgement as who should be saluted or not. Some general guidelines for saluting country members are generally that you know the individual or a squad that they belong to. Saluting of enemies is usually done following combat and to recognize a skillfully fought battle regardless of the outcome. Being able to salute your enemy after he beats you is difficult at times, but if it was a fair fight, it is only fair to salute the enemy's skill.

Code of Conduct

Squadron Roster