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AC Skater
AC Skater
AC Lyter

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Rook Squad

5th Air Wing


342nd Bomber Squadron

367th Fighter Squadron

398th Dive-Bomber Squadron


342nd Bomber Squadron

B-17 Flying Fortress

303BG/359BS Skin

B-24 Liberator

367th Fighter Squadron

F4F Wildcat

F6F Hellcat

P-47 Thunderbolt

P-40 Warhawk

P-39 Lightning

P-51D Mustang

334FG/4FS skin

398th Dive-Bomber Squadron

SBD Dauntless


Wing Commander-WGCDR-CO-Commander and second in Command of the Wing

Squadron Leader- SQNLDR-XO and/or Commander of a Squadron

Flight Lieutenant- FLTLT-Commander of a Flight (3 Players)

Aircraftman- AC -Member



WGCDR Steiner- CO - CO of 5th Air Wing

SQNLDR Harry265- XO - CO of 342nd Bomber Squadron

SQNLDR vacant -CO of 367th Fighter Squadron

SQNLDR vacant - CO of 398th Dive-Bomber Squadron


AC Abraxas

AC Acu20

AC DackDack

AC Flameman


AC madsl

AC ross4

AC Sajn

AC Sammac

AC Tobystar

AC Vikola

AC Skater

AC Lyter