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INTRODUCTION: The 78th Fighter Group is a mature squad with an average age of around 45. Some members have over ten years of online flight sims, some have less than one. The two key things that keep the squad together are the social aspects of online gaming and the interest in the historical aspects WWII air combat. The focus is on having a good time with the guys and enjoying flying the iconic aircraft of WWII in a realistic manner.

INTERESTS: Our flying style is mission based with an objective, assigned flights, wingmen, etc. Teamwork and staying alive are the main priority. We also host a weekly historically based campaign in the Custom Arenas which is a lot of fun. We fly for Bishops as they are normally outnumbered during our normal online time. Unfortunately, we don't participate as a squad in FSO due to the typical issue with timezones (it starts too late for us old guys).

TIME ZONE: Most members are in the Eastern or Central time zones and squad nights start at 7:30pm Eastern.

VOICE COMMS: A big part of being a social squad is being able to speak to each other and the 78th uses a private TeamSpeak server which for the sound quality, low latency and flexibility it provides (in addition to Aces High vox 178).

WE WANT YOU!: If you are a mature player interested in realistic flying, please PM me or contact me ingame.

S! Trukk78