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79th Fighter Group website

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***Let us first say:"Thanks for checking us out" ***


The 79th Fighter Group was created and started recruiting on November 26, 2006. We based the 79th Fighter Group and the 85, 86, 87th Fighter Squadrons attached to the 79th FG during World War II. We wanted a hard hitting unit of WWII that made a impact on the war. With so many USAAF units that were so good. We came down to a handful to picked from. So we chosen the hard knocking unit from the African campaigns to the Italian campaigns that helped turn the war around. Thus the 79th Fighter Group has been in World War II from the beginning, when the USA started to entered the war.

Our Mission

Our mission here on Aces High II is to honor these men and keep their memory alive. They flew in harms way, and some gave the ultimate sacrifice, so we may all live in a safer world. God bless the men of the 79th Fighter Group. << Salute >>

Aces High II combat simulator

The 79th Fighter Group is a fairly laid back group. That like to fly in a group and do allot of base take missions. We use wingman options allot. Pork runs and bombing runs with or without escorts. And at times we loosen up for some dueling events also. We fly in the late, mid war arenas. Our host fighter is the P-47D-40 "War Horse" in 79FG, 86FS colors. We do fly and drive anything. Thus the A,L & S (air, Land & Sea) is in our group patch. We fly bishop, rooks & knights. We have just started switching up the countries. We do maintain in keeping to one country per tour. This keeps the loyalty to the present country we maybe fighting for.

In House

We now do in house group air racing and dueling events. And do our own in house missions. Sometimes tower missions and other planned missions for squad. nights and off squad. nights. Usually there are members on-line flying during the week and weekend.

We participate in MoM missions. We do fly some snapshots, large scenarios. We have done FSO's & air racing in the past, and presently we are reserving that option at a later time.


We recruit pilots at the age of 18+. We are a older adult group. Must be able to do the basics of flying and driving abilities in Aces High II. Must have a full time subscription to AH II. Have a microphone for group communications. We do use an alternate vox system and tune to in AH II game VOX 179. Be able to attend squadron nights. Registered to our website. And most of all have fun flying & learning from the officers / senior members.


Our training is in house, so everyone is on the same page. This is so we can communicate and do better planning on missions. "We train like we fight"

Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor was created in house by the 79th FG. We maintain a list of fallen friends of Aces High II on our website. The 79th FG decided that we need a place to show respect to all our fallen members of Aces High II and Air Warrior. So if you need to submit or want to stop by and take a look at our website. We have a nav. button marked "Wall of Honor" Note: Please turn up the volume up on your speakers when visiting the Wall of Honor page for music.


History of the 79th FG

The 79th Fighter Group was one of the few fighter groups that fought in P-40F & L version in the African campaigns. These versions had the high output Royals Royce Merlin one stage supercharger engine and used bombs. The 79th FG had also captured some German aircraft such as: BF109, FW190 fighters & one JU88 bomber. As the WWII raged on the 79th Fighter Group transitioned to P-47D-40 Thunder bolts "Jugs or T-bolts" to the end of the war. They moved from the Africa / Middle east to the island of Corsica off the coast of Italy at Serraggia Airbase. Along with other P-47 units & medium bomber units stationed on Corsica. Their job there was to dive bomb and provide air cover for the bombers. They had some impressive aircraft kills of 1,000 aircraft shot down with the P-47 of the 12th Air Force. Visit our website for more history about the 79th Fighter Group and warbird information.


wikipedia - 79th FG history

79th Fighter Group book


If you like laid back group and want some structure with wingman & training help. And like taking bases this might be the group for you. We are proud of our past pilots of WWII. And now our present pilots flying with the 79th FG. We feel we have made a impact on Aces High II, just like our WWII pilots did during the WWII. We may not be pretty! But we make a impact where ever we go! << Salute!>>

Please feel free to stop by our website.

79th Fighter Group website

For recruiting see:

(Key FL=flight lead / SFL=secondary flight leader)

85th Fighter Squadron:

Magnus(CO)- FL

67Yankee - SFL

86th Fighter Squadron:

Popason(XO)- FL

Dcat - SFL

87th Fighter Squadron:

Nomade(OP)- FL

Craig666 - SFL

***Thanks & Gods speed to you!***

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