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The Squads category is a special category where squads (squadrons) may introduce themselves and provide links to external sites for more information. Pages in this category should conform to the guidelines listed in this article.

Pages in this category should contain

  • A brief introduction paragraph, and external link(s).

Pages in this category may contain

  • An official logo, as recognized by its members.
  • Any policies recognized by its members which would be relevant to a reader interested in joining a squad.
    • Examples:
    • Squadron X is an adult only squad, and does not accept recruits under 18 years of age.
    • Squadron X is also a historical squadron, and only flies the plane models that the real squadron flew in WWII
  • A brief history of its origins.

Pages may not contain

  • Subjective commentary, or statements.
    • Examples:
    • We are the best fighter squadron in the Mid War arena.
    • This squad is a bunch of gangtards.
  • Fictional material or parody.
  • An excessive number of images.

Linking from other AHWiki pages

Squadron members should refrain from spamming other wiki pages with links to their page in this category. For example, a squad who solely flies the P-51 is not entitled to place links on pages intended to provide information on the P-51 aircraft.

How to create a squad page on AHWiki

  1. Enter the title of the page you want to create into the search box at left and hit Search.
  2. On the result page, right under "Search Results", you will see "You searched for YourSquadName". Hit the red YourSquadName link.
  3. Start typing to create your page, and add this at the bottom of the page before saving:


A link to your squad page will then automatically appear on the Squads category page, which is linked from the Main Page.

Sort order

If you want your squad page to appear in the alphabetical list on the Squads category page under a different letter (e.g. if you want ~Air Raiders~ to appear under A instead of under ~), you can specify a sort parameter by editing the Category tag in your squad page. In the Category tag, just add a | followed by the letter/word/phrase you want your page to be sorted as. So if the ~Air Raiders~ squad page is edited to have this:

[[Category:Squads|Air Raiders]]

...then the squad page will appear under A in the list on the Squads category page instead of appearing under ~.