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The Aces High Object Hardnesses are based on the strength of one General Purpose 1,000 lb bomb. In the objects table under arena settings, a value of 1.0000 would indicate it will take exactly the damage value of a 1,000 lb bomb to destroy that object. For quantifying the potential damage a weapon can do, it is easiest, and most practical to express it in pounds of ordinance based on a 1,000 pound bomb. Expressing damage values purely in Object Hardness is at the very least abstract. Saying that a .50 cal M2 is worth 0.0011716 in terms of object hardness is not very useful from a player perspective. If we convert that to AH Damage Value and say it is worth 1.1716 lb of ordinance, that is a number that can be worked with when considering an attack run on enemy objects. Bombs themselves are not linear in their damage value based on weight. For instance a 500 lb bomb will destroy an object with a hardness value of .5860. Therefore it would be expressed as a Damage Value of 586 lb of ordinance.

It should be noted that the damage modeling for objects differs from that of aircraft in Aces High. For aircraft, kinetic energy factors into the damage inflicted. That means the faster the velocity of the round when it hits, the more damage it will impart to the target plane. For objects the damage inflicted is the same regardless of round velocity.

For a full list of AH damage values see Projectile strength analysis