Brewster B-239

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This aircraft page is in two sections:
World War II aircraft
Brewster B-239
Brewster B-239
Variant of Brewster Buffalo
Type Fighter
Country of origin USA
Manufacturer Brewster Aeronautical Corp.
Crew 1
Dimensions Wing span 35' (10.7 m)
Length 26' (7.9 m)
Height 11'11" (3.63 m)
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The Brewster B-239 in World War II


Unit Deployment

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Aces High II aircraft
Variant of Brewster Buffalo
Type Fighter
Crew One
Aces High II loadout options
Package 1 2x.50 Cal M2 400 rpg
2x.50 Cal M2 200 rpg
Package 2 2x.50 Cal M2 400 rpg
1x.50 Cal M2 400 rpg
1x.30 Cal mg 600 rpg
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Early War
Typical perk cost 0 (Late War)
ENY value 25 (Late War)
Available on carrier no
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The Brewster B-239 in Aces High II

Engine Power

Aces High II Performance Charts

B-239 speed chart B-239 climb chart


You can take upto 4 US .50's. Two are mounted in the nose with 200rpg, and the other two are wing mounted with 400rpg. For fire power, you are at par with the P-51B, FM2, and the F4F in the 4 gun load out. You can swap out one of the .50's for a .30cal with 600rpg and 400 rpg for the other .50 in the set. Since it takes 4 bullets from a .30 to match a .50 round, it seems kind of pointless though. About all you will do with that is even out the firing times for the .50's, and I prefer to leave the 400 rounds in the wing as a back up if I have to fight when the others are out of ammo.

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Pretty easy to cover. You can out turn any fighter in the game and you should use that. Verticle manuvering is much more limited. Your not terrible, like a fully loaded up P-47N would be, but you really have no options here.

Fighting in the Brewster B-239

Fighting against the Brewster B-239

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