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Squads in Aces High II may have as few as 2 or as many as 32 members.
Squads (player squadrons) in [[Aces High II]].
==Creating a Squad page on this wiki==
See the [[AHWiki:Squad page guidelines|Squad page guidelines]] for instructions on creating a squad page.
#Enter the title of the page you want to create into the search box at left and hit Search.
#On the result page, right under "Search Results", you will see "You searched for YourSquadName".  Hit the red YourSquadName link.
#Start typing to create your page, and add this at the bottom of the page before saving:
A link to your squad page will then automatically appear here in this list.

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Squads (player squadrons) in Aces High II.

See the Squad page guidelines for instructions on creating a squad page.