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'''3''' or '''3 o'clock''' - on the right  
'''3''' or '''3 o'clock''' - on the right  
'''38''' - P-38G, J, or L "Lightning" fighter  
'''38''' - P-38G, J, or [[P-38L]] "Lightning" fighter  
'''39''' - P-39 D or Q "Airacobra" fighter
'''39''' - P-39 D or Q "Airacobra" fighter

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^ - up. Taking off. "^ A64" means taking off from airfield A64

* - degrees (heading) as in 270*

109- Bf 109 (aka Me109) fighter.

109E - Bf 109E-4 "Emil" fighter

109F - Bf 109F-4 "Friedrich" fighter

109G - Bf 109G-2, G-6, or G-14 "Gustav" fighter

109K – Bf 109K-4 fighter

12 or 12 o'clock - straight ahead

17 - B-17 "Flying Fortress" heavy bomber

190 - Fw 190 fighter

190A4 - Fw 190A-4

190A8 – Fw 190A-8

190D - Fw 190D-9

190F – Fw 190F-8

202 - Macchi C.202 fighter

205 - Macchi C.205 fighter

25 - B-25 C or H "Mitchell" medium bomber

26 - B-26 "Marauder" medium bomber

3 or 3 o'clock - on the right

38 - P-38G, J, or P-38L "Lightning" fighter

39 - P-39 D or Q "Airacobra" fighter

47 - P-47D-11, D-25, D-40, or N "Thunderbolt" fighter or C-47 "Dakota" transport

5 by 5 - loud and clear

51 - P-51 "Mustang" fighter

6 or 6 o'clock - rear

666 - Danger on you 6 o'clock

88 - JU-88 medium bomber

9 or 9 o'clock - on the left

A4 - Fw 190A-4

A8 - Fw 190A-8

aa - anti-aircraft fire

aaa - anti-aircraft artillery

a/c or ac - aircraft

ack - fixed anti-aircraft emplacement

acm - air combat maneuver

afk - away from keyboard

agl - above ground level

AH - Aces High

alt - altitude

auger - crash

auto - auto-pilot

AvA - Axis vs Allies arena. Semi-historical maps and plane match-ups

away - bombs, etc have been dropped. "Troops away!"

bail - bail out of plane

bak - back at keyboard

bandit - enemy aircraft

bar-dar - the red and green bars on the radar map indicating friendly and enemy in sector

BDA - Battle Damage Assesment

bh - bomber hangar

bingo - out of something (as in Bingo ammo)(IRL, bingo was out of fuel and “Winchester” was out of ammo)

bish - Bishops. One of the three countries in Aces High

bogie - an unknown aircraft in official Air Force speak, but usually means an enemy aircraft in the arena

brb - be right back

btw - by the way

box - bomber formation

buff - bomber

bus - C-47 "Dakota" Transport

bzy - busy

cap - Combat Air Patrol. Usually means you are covering a field or enemy over field

cc - confirmed, affirmative, yes (IRL, two clicks of mic button on radio means message received)

check6 - look behind you. danger behind you

c-hog - F4U-1C. Corsair equipped with 4 x 20mm Hispano cannons

con - icon. Type and range of aircraft displayed in the cockpit view . "con a B-17"

con range - within range to see an object's icon. In Aces High, 6k for planes, 3k for ground vehicles.

contact - pilot has visual contact

cv - aircraft carrier

cya - see you; as in see you later

d9 - Fw 190D-9

dar - Radar. Also used to say you have something on radar. "dar a bogie"

deck - near ground level. A plane flying very low is "on the deck"

ded - dead

D-hog - F4U-1D Corsair

discoed - Disconnected from game

ditch - land somewhere other than an airfield's runway

dogfight - air-to-air fighter engagement

doors open - bomb-bay doors opened

dora - Fw 190D-9

dorka - Fw 190D-9

dot - a plane visible from the cockpit but too far away to have its icon displayed.

dot dar - red and green dots on the radar map indicating actual plane positions

drag or draggin(g) - leading the enemy (usually towards friendlies)

drunks - paratroopers

dry - no ordnance / ammo

DT - drop tank

dump - disconnected from system or get rid of ordnance

dweeb - new pilot or one who does dumb things

dweebfire - Spitfire. Particularly the Spitfire Mk XVI

e - energy or east

egg(s) - bomb(s)

EW - Early war arena. Planes up to around 1941.

f4f - F4F Wildcat fighter

f6 - F6F Hellcat fighter. Also the F6 view (bombsight view) accessed by pressing the F6 key

F8 - Fw 190F-8 fighter/bomber

feet dry - crossing the shoreline from the water side (now over land)

feet wet - crossing the shoreline from the land side (now over water)

fh - fighter hangar

fish – torpedo

flak - anti-aircraft fire or Flak Panzer (Ostwind)

flak panzie - Flak Panzer (Ostwind)

form - join a formation

fort - B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber

fp - Flak Panzer (Ostwind)

fpm - Feet Per Minute. Rate of climb is measured in feet per minute

fr - Frame Rate

fubar - f...ed up beyond all recognition

furball - multi-ship dogfight

fw - Fw 190. Often followed by model; FwA4, FwD9, etc

<G> - grin

G2 - Bf 109G-2 Fighter

G6 - Bf 109G-6 Fighter

G14 - Bf 109G-14 Fighter

ga - Go Ahead (as in permission to speak)

glider - engine out

goon or gooney - C-47 "Dakota" Transport

GV - ground vehicle

hail - hello

hawg - F4U

hdg - heading

heavy - carrying bombs/rockets

Hellcat - F6F Hellcat

Hellkitty - F6F Hellcat

HO - head on. A nose to nose shot. Often frowned on, especially by the loser

hog - F4U

hold - loiter at location

hvy - carrying bombs/rockets

ias - Indicated Airspeed

ib - inbound

in - pilot is engaging

in sight or in scope - bombing target visible in bomb-site

imho - in my humble opinion

j/k - just kidding

jabo - fighter/bomber; can refer to the plane or the mission.

join - join a formation

jug - P-47 "Thunderbolt" fighter

k - thousand (also used in place of okay)

k4 - Bf 109K-4 fighter

kilt - killed, died

kite - A6M "Zero" fighter

knits - Knights. One of the three countries in Aces High

la-la - La-7 or (less frequently) La-5 fighter

la5 - La-5 fighter

la7 - La-7 fighter

lanc - Avro "Lancaster" heavy bomber

lining up - bomber readying for bomb run

lite - no bombs

lmao - laughing my a** off

loc - location (usually a request)

log - exit game

lol - laughing out loud

m3 - M-3 halftrack capable of carrying troops or supplies

m8 - mate (as in friend) or M-8 "Greyhound" armored car

m16 - M-16 Machine Gun Carrier. M-3 with quad .50 cal machine guns for anti-aircraft work

MA - Main Arena. Usually referring to the Late War arenas

marker - the red or green bars on the radar map indicating plane(s) in sector. "marker in sector..."

milkrun - unchallenged bomb run

mossie or mossy - DeHavilland "Mosquito" fighter-bomber

mp - manifold pressure. When preceded or followed by a number, it's the setting for the formation.

MW - Mid-war arena. Planes up to late '43 / early '44

n - north

neg - no, negative

nik or niki - N1K2-J "Shinden-Kai" (Violet Lightning) Fighter. Pyro hates it when you say niki!

nme – enemy

no joy - I have been unsuccessful or I do not see the bogie / bandit

newb, noob - a player who is just starting out and unfamiliar with the game. (derogatory) A player who's actions indicate they don't know what they are doing.

noe - nap of earth. Flying below radar (500' in the Main Arena)

np - no problem

on scope - bombing target visible in bomb-site

ostie - Ostwind. Panzer Mk IV chassis with 37mm flak gun

otw - on the way

out - pilot is disengaging

ping - a non-fatal bullet/cannon strike

pond - large body of water

pony - P-51 "Mustang" fighter

poof - disconnecting / leaving the arena or game

pork - make base un-usable by destroying hangars, fuel, etc

porker - someone who porks a base for no reason.

prep - prepare field for capture

puffy ack - the exploding anti-aircraft artillery that leaves black puffs of smoke

ram - mid-air collision

rgr - roger, yes

roc - Rate Of Climb

rofl - Rolling On Floor Laughing

roflmao - ROFL my a** off

rope - tactic of enticing an enemy to follow you up and stalling under you... rope-a-dope

rtb - return to base

run - depart the area at high speed

runstang - P-51

s - south

sa - situational awareness

sb - shore battery

scramble - take off and engage enemy from capped field

smokin(g) - damaged and trailing smoke

soft - a target (usually ground target) has been hit but not destroyed

sortie - a flight by a plane is a sortie. Two planes flying together equals 2 sorties.

spit - Spitfire (or Seafire) fighter

spit5 - Spitfire Mk V fighter

spit9 - Spitfire Mk IX fighter

spit8 – Spitfire Mk VIII fighter

spit14 – Spitfire Mk XIV fighter

spit16 – Spitfire Mk XVI fighter

spray & pray - Fire long bursts from guns in hopes of hitting something

sprayer - a pilot who expends ammo liberally

stang - P-51 "Mustang" fighter

status - often refers to loc, alt, hdg

stick - bombs dropped at one time

TA - Training Arena. An AH arena set up for training

tally - target sighted (also "tally ho")

tanx - thanks

thanx - thanks

thnx - thanks

tune - tune radio. "tune 177" means change channel to 177

twr - tower

ty - thank you

up - taking off (as in "up A51")

ur - you are or your

vh - vehicle hangar

vis - visual contact. "vis a B-17" or "vis a bogie"

vox - voice

vulch - to shoot a plane as it tries to take off.

w – west

wb - welcome back

WEP - Wartime Emergency Power

wepping - using WEP

winchester - Air Force speak for out of ammo. "Bingo" is generally used for both fuel and ammo in the arena.

zeke - A6M "Zero" fighter