Dueling Arena

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Traditional Use

The Dueling Arena features relatively close fields at varying altitudes. The purpose of this arena is so that players looking to test their skills against one another may have a quick, efficient, and easy way to do so.

Arena Etiquitte

It is custom to organize fights within this arena. All duels should be arranged between both (all) parties, and there should be no mysteries in regards to altitude of engagement, plane type, etc. When encountering two planes that are engaged in a dogfight, especially between two of the isolated fields, it is customary to ask on range whether or not it is acceptable to engage. Usually in this arena it is not. Do not expect to be able to join any fight, as this is a far more structured environment than the Main Arenas (MA's)

Field Options

The Dueling Arena contains a wide variety of opposing fields at varying altitudes. In addition, there are the following alternatives:

-Fields linked by canyons

-Fields on a lake containing several PT Boat spawns

-Fields at high altitude with lower altitude targets below, making possible quick bomber runs

-Fields triarchically arranged around in a lake so as to promote "furballing"

Recent Developments

Since free H2H (Head-to-Head) 8 player mode was discontinued, the Dueling Arena has seen a rapid decline in adherence to etiquitte and quality of flight. Although statistical data is still pending, it is speculated that many former H2H players are now populating only the dueling arena, and carrying along much of the disregard for the AH community that plagued H2H mode. The "Furballing Corner" of the Dueling Arena, once nary populated, is now often the only area of this arena that sees action. This area now typically features very little sportsmanship, or advanced ACM (Air Combat Manuevers). The most beneficial usage of this area of the dueling arena for any serious virtual pilot is solely as a place to work on situational awareness and gunnery.