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God's Eye mode is a view system in Aces High II that allows the player to quickly view any location in the arena. It is used by administrators and the Events staff to keep watch over engagements or by players to observe the action without interfering. When disabled in the Arena Settings, God's Eye is replaced by a view similar to that of the standard external view.

Arena Settings[edit]

God's Eye Mode can only be enabled offline, or for people who have special rights in online arenas, like CMs.

To enable God's Eye Mode, open the clipboard and go to:

Options > Arena Setup > Environment > Arena Settings

Then scroll down to ViewModeFlags, select it, and hit the Change... button, then check the Tower God's Eye option.

Controls Setup[edit]

God's Eye mode must be controlled through the use of a joystick. You can assign buttons that when held down will move you forward through space, backwards, or along the map from a top-down perspective.

Open your clipboard and navigate through Options > Controls > Map Controllers. Double-tap the button that you wish to assign to move your eye forward. Select the radio button for View controls, then scroll to and select CM Eye Move Forward. Repeat this for Backward and Map with the desired buttons.


Enter or create an arena with God's Eye view mode enabled. When the F5 key is pressed from within the tower, your view position should be in the middle of the base and seemingly unable to move. By placing the throttle forward and pressing the button assigned to CM Eye Move Forward, you will move in the direction centered in the screen. By using the throttle and joystick to maneuver like an aircraft, the player can move their view position to anywhere within the arena.