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JG 11 History

In Jan. 2006, Zud and Stampf left their squadron, VF-15 “Satan’s Playmates”, being the only two Luftwaffe enthusiasts in the squad, and feeling increasingly isolated because of it. The squad would up from carriers and Zud and Stampf would find themselves flying for miles from land bases in their Fw’s and Bf’s, just to fight with our squad mates.

So I/JG54 “Black Crosses” were born, and they established that it was their goal to form an “all German” unit. They picked up ViperII, Zeagle, RMrider, Berretta, and were on their way. Soon after that they recruited the brother team of Vonfreud and Baron109. Things were going well, but they were getting a lot of flak from the existing JG54 “Green Hearts” group, about the unit name.

About this time a pilot with the call sign of “Gunthr Rall” showed up on channel, and soon after, Stampf gave him Kommand of the group and we changed the name of the Unit to II/JG11 “Reichsverte”, after the Homeland Defense role that the 11th Jagdgeschwader was formed to fulfill. Now “GR was a good stick and descent leader, but who ever he was a shade of they didn’t get to find out, as he soon after vanished from the Unit. It was during this time that the squad picked up many of the current members including, Mulf, (Vater), Tuxc, and others. This was also when the squad began participating in FSO under the leadership of Herr Vater, then…”the Mulfinator”.

After the departure of “GR”, Stampf assumed Kommand of the group again, and re-named the unit JG11. This is when he began the full force recruitment effort that the squad now sees the results of. Our performance in FSO improved every week, and the squad began to get the attention of some of the veteran units and players in the game. It was our Operating Philosophy from the beginning to hold ourselves to a standard higher than the masses, and one fitting the men we were portraying with the Squad. Treating all friends and enemies alike, and with respect, the JG11 reputation as the premier Luftwaffe Unit in AH began to grow. Not entertaining channel 200, and sticking with die hard commitment to the German planes only, we established that we were not only serious about our mission, but capable of achieving it as well.

During this time the “Aces of Aces High” film about the Squad was released and recruitment soon went out the roof, with squad roster tripling in size in just a few months. More and more veteran and newer players alike, looking for a second chance, a new start, and/or a Historical based Luftwaffe unit, began knocking on the JG11 recruitment office door.

The group branched out into the AvA with the beginning of the new Axis vrs. Allies war setup and quickly established itself as a premier Axis force in the Arena.

With our involvement in so many Arena’s, with a roster that varied accordingly, and continued growing steadily, we again changed the squadron name, adding “Sonderstaffel” as the unit call sign, representing not only the Historical Sonderstaffel of JG11 which so bravely held open the western escape routes out of 1945 Berlin, but also to represent the “Special” status of the in game gruppe as well.

World War II History of JG11

Jagdgeschwader 11 was formed on April 1, 1943 from two existing Gruppen. The Bf109s of I/JG1 became II/JG11 while the Fw190s of III/JG1 became I/JG11. A new Gruppen was formed from scratch and became III/JG11 and was assigned Bf109s. The allied bomber offensive was reaching a crescendo and JG11 was needed to bolster the defence of the Reich. The Gruppen were initially placed along the north German coast between Holland and Denmark.

The unit was to participate in several firsts in air combat. They were the first to use air to air bombs against the American bombers. They were also the first to use the 21 cm rockets carried under the wings of their planes. These were to be launched from outside the range of the defensive fire of the bombers. These both became a hindrance with the appearance of longer range escort fighters.

Along with other Jagdgeschwader’s JG11 participated in the defense of France after the Allied invasion of Operation Overlord.

On January 1, 1945 JG11 participated in Operation Bodenplatte, the New Years Day attack by the Luftwaffe against Allied airfields in Belgium and Holland. The attack was a massive low level mission by several Geschwader’s. JG11’s target was the airfield near Asch Belgium, designated Y-29 by the Allies. The field was defended by the 352nd Fighter Group and 366th Fighter Group. A Squadron of the 366th was already airborne and heading to attack German ground targets in the Bulge. Another Squadron, this one from the 352nd was idling on the runway as JG11 approached. The 352nd was able to get all 12 aircraft off the ground. A large dogfight occurred at low altitude over the base and surrounding terrain. JG11 suffered heavily in the attack, with the loss of 24 planes and 22 aircrew for a claim of 11 Allied aircraft brought down. This battle was the topic of an episode of Dogfights on the History Channel.

The Gruppen of the Jagdgeschwader were to serve on both the Western and Eastern fronts. On January 23, 1945 the Jagdgeschwader was redeployed to the Eastern Front. A large Russian offensive had begun 11 days earlier. From this time until their final surrender, JG11 was to score in excess of 350 kills.

The history of Uffz. Karl-Heinz Kabus serving with 3. Staffel JG 11 in the spring of 1945.

A small group of pilots, 20 in number, were assigned as a Berlin Defense Staffel in late April. They had 6 Fw-190s based at Tempelhof.

JG11 surrendered to the British at Leck Airfield on May 7, 1945.

Organization in World War II

Jagdgeschwader 11 - April 1943

  • Stab – Bf 109G-2/5/6
I Gruppen
  • Stab – Fw 190A-4/5/6
  • 1 Staffel – Fw 190A-4/5/6
  • 2 Staffel – Fw 190A-4/5/6
  • 3 Staffel – Fw 190A-4/5/6
II Gruppen
  • Stab – Fw 190A-4/5/6
  • 4 Staffel – Bf 109G-2/5/6
  • 5 Staffel – Bf 109G-2/5/6
  • 6 Staffel – Bf 109G-2/5/6
III Gruppen
  • Stab – Fw 190A-4/5/6
  • 7 Staffel – Bf 109G-2/5/6
  • 8 Staffel – Bf 109G-2/5/6
  • 9 Staffel – Bf 109G-2/5/6

Jagdgeschwader 11 - August 1944
In August 1944 each JG 11 Gruppe was increased to four Staffels, with a new 4./JG 11 formed from 10. and 11./JG 11. The old 4./JG 11 became the new 8 Staffel, and a new 7./JG 11 was formed (the old 7./JG 11 becoming 10./JG 11).

  • Stab – Bf 109G-14/14AS
I Gruppen
  • Stab – Fw 190A-7/8
  • 1 Staffel – Fw 190A-7/8
  • 2 Staffel – Fw 190A-7/8
  • 3 Staffel – Fw 190A-7/8
  • 4 Staffel – Fw 190A-7/8
II Gruppen
  • Stab – Bf 109G-14/14AS
  • 5 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS
  • 6 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS
  • 7 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS
  • 8 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS
III Gruppen
  • Stab – Bf 109G-14/14AS
  • 9 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS
  • 10 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS
  • 11 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS
  • 12 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS

Jagdgeschwader 11 - December 1944

  • Stab - Bf Bf 109G-14/14AS/K4, Fw 190A-8
I Gruppen
  • Stab – Fw 190A-8
  • 1 Staffel – Fw 190A-8
  • 2 Staffel – Fw 190A-8
  • 3 Staffel – Fw 190A-8
  • 4 Staffel – Fw 190A-8
II Gruppen
  • Stab – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 5 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 6 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 7 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 8 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
III Gruppen
  • Stab – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 9 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 10 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 11 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 12 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4

Jagdgeschwader 11 – April 1945

  • Stab – Fw 190D-9, TA 152H-1
I Gruppen
  • Stab – Fw 190A-8
  • 1 Staffel – Fw 190A-8
  • 2 Staffel – Fw 190A-8
  • 3 Staffel – Fw 190A-8
  • 4 Staffel – Fw 190A-8
II Gruppen
  • Stab - Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 5 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 6 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 7 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 8 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
III Gruppen
  • Stab – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 9 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 10 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 11 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4
  • 12 Staffel – Bf 109G-14/14AS, Bf 109K-4

Jagdgeschwader Leaders


  • Major Anton Mader, April 1, 1943
  • Oberstleutnant Hermann Graf, November 11, 1943
  • Major Anton Hackl (acting), April 1944
  • Major Herbert Ihlefeld, May 1, 1944
  • Major Günther Specht, May 15, 1944
  • Major Jürgen Harder, January 1945
  • Major Anton Hackl, February 20, 1945

Aircraft and Skins of JG11 in Aces High

  • Fw 190A-5 – ‘Black 13’ 2./JG11 by Krusty
  • Fw 190A-8 – ‘Double Chevron’ III/JG11 by Fencer
  • Fw 190F-8 – ‘Yellow 7’ JG11 by Fencer
  • Fw 190D-9 – JG11 by VonMessa
  • Bf 109G-6 – ‘Double Chevron’ III/JG11 by Fencer
  • Bf 109G-14 – ‘Green 1’ 7./JG11 by Fencer
  • Bf 109G-14 – ‘White 9’ JG11 by Fencer
  • Bf 109K-4 – ‘Black 5800’ JG11 by Fencer
  • TA-152H-1 – ‘Black 5’ Stab/JG11 by Fencer

Aces High Order of Battle

Jagdgeschwader 11 “Sonderstaffel”
May 2008, Order of Battle.

Stab JG11 “Sonderstaffel”
Kommandeur – Stampf
Adjutant – Vater
Operations Officer – TUXC123
Technical Officer – Boingg
Technical Officer – Fencer
Chief of Staff – 33Vortex
White Staffel (Fw190)
Staffelkapitan – 33Vortex
Schwarm 1 (Fw190)
Schwarm 2 (Fw190)
Schwarm 3 (Fw190)
Black Staffel (Bf109)
Staffelkapitan – Vater
Schwarm 1 (Bf109)
Schwarm 2 (Bf109)
Schwarm 3 (Bf109)
Schwarm 4 (Bf109)

Friday Night Squadron Operations “FSOs”

JG11 Sonderstaffel is a long time participant in the Friday Night Squadron Ops.

FSO Results - Der Kanalkampf: Donner von Oben

JG11 Schwarm 16/5/08
JG11 Rotte 16/5/08
Commanding Officer Citation 16/5/08
Individual Pilot Citation 16/5/08

Der Kanalkampf: Donner von Oben (The Channel Fight: Thunder from Above)

On May 16, 2008 JG11 Sonderstaffel participated in the defense of the coast of Holland. JG11 was assigned to
patrol 35 miles west of A70. The unit split into three Schwarms to cover their assigned area. After almost
a solid hour ground observers reported aircraft crossing the coast. JG11 combined and turned back toward A70
concerned that the northern approaches were undefended. Sure enough 6 sets of B-24s were sighted almost on top
of A70 at 16000 feet approaching from the north. P-47D-11s were escorting. JG11 engaged and drove the P-47D-11s off
position. Bf-110s were then able to engage the B-24s, albeit after they had already dropped. Approximately 10 minutes
later a very low level flight of 8 to 10 Mosquitos attacked A70 from the southeast. Popping up from very low altitude the
Mossies were soon spotted by ground observers and JG11 turned and dove to engage this new threat. The Jagdgeschwader was
extremely successful in downing all the enemy Mosquitos. JG11 was awarded two commendations by the Axis CIC, one for the
Squadron Commander and a general Unit Citation for each pilot who participated in the action. This was the second and
third times that JG11 has been so awarded.

JG11 Sonderstaffel stats:

Pilots: 14 Kills: 11 Assists: 6
Obj Destroyed: 0 Deaths: 2 Landed: 12
Bailed: 2 Captured: 0 Crashed: 0
Ditched: 1 Disco'd: 2

  • Teutonic 5 kills (2 P47s, 3 Mossies)
  • Frodo 2 Kills (2 Mossies)
  • D0mino 1 Kill (Mossie)
  • Rmrider 1 Kill (Mossie)
  • Boing 1 Kill (B-24)
  • Tuxc123 1 kill (Mossie)
Launched with 13 Bf 109Gs. Loss of 4 Bf 109s to enemy action along with 2 pilots. 2 inflight mechanical problems (discos).

JG11 has a total of 30 kills for this FSO at the closure of Frame 2.

Joining the Squadron

If you feel you have the desire, and level of commitment it takes to fly with the above group of "Luftwaffe only" aces, than drop by Vox Channel 5 115 on the Knight side, any night in the Late War arena(s), or leave a note in the Guestbook. You can also find the Geschwader in the Axis vrs. Allies Arena. JG11 is a mature, team oriented squadron that enjoys the historical immersion of flying German aircraft only, and the camaraderie of a close knit group of like minded friends. Join us for a night of hardcore Luftwaffe madness, and create the experience!


JagdGeschwader 11