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(Aces High II Performance Charts)
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===Aces High II Performance Charts===
===Aces High II Performance Charts===
|sustainedclean =<!-- Clean w/25% fuel at sea level sustained turn radius-->
|sustainedclean =361 ft.
|sustainedcleandps =<!-- Clean w/25% fuel at sea level sustained turn rate in degrees per sec-->
|sustainedcleandps =30.9 dps
|cornervelocity =<!-- Clean w/25% fuel at sea level corner velocity -->
|cornervelocity =176 mph
|cornervelocitydps    =<!-- turn rate at CV in degrees per sec -->
|cornervelocitydps    =42.2 dps
|stallspeed    =<!-- Clean w/25% fuel at sea level stall speed -->
|stallspeed    =72 mph
|sustainedflaps =<!-- Full flaps w/25% fuel at sea level turn radius -->
|sustainedflaps =293 ft.
|sustainedflapsdps =<!-- full flaps turn rate in degrees per sec -->
|sustainedflapsdps =28.4 dps
|stallspeedflaps =<!-- full flaps stall speed -->
|stallspeedflaps =63 mph
|150to200      =<!-- time from 150 to 200mph -->
|150to200      =10.0
|150to250      =<!-- time from 150 to 250mph -->
|150to250      =27.0
|200to250      =<!-- time from 200 to 250mph -->
|200to250      =17.0
|150to300      =<!-- time from 150 to 300mph -->
|150to300      =NA
|300to350      =<!-- time from 300 to 350mph -->
|300to350      =NA
|source1      =<!-- optional text or link to source -->
|source1      =MOSQ Test Data
|source2      =<!-- optional text or link to source -->}}
|source2      =<!-- optional text or link to source -->}}
[[Image:KI43_Spd.png|300px|Ki-43-II speed chart]]
[[Image:KI43_Spd.png|300px|Ki-43-II speed chart]]

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This aircraft page is in two sections:
World War II aircraft
Nicknames Hayabusa, Oscar, Army Zero
Type Fighter
Country of origin Japan
Manufacturer Nakajima
Crew Single-seat
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The Ki-43-II in World War II[edit]


Unit Deployment[edit]

External Links[edit]

Aces High II aircraft
Variant of Ki-43
Type Fighter
Crew One
Aces High II loadout options
Package 1 2x 12.7mm MG, 270 rpg
Options 2x 250kg bombs or 2x 200 L drop tanks
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Mid War
Typical perk cost 0 (Late War)
ENY value 35 (Late War)
Available on carrier no
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The Ki-43-II in Aces High II[edit]

Engine Power[edit]

The Ki-43 is not a particularly fast aircraft. Top speed at sea level is 285mph and 295mph with WEP. Its peak top speed is 320mph at 20K and 327mph with WEP. It has a rate of climb of around 3,200ft/min up to 8K where performance begins to drop to around 2,600ft/min at 15K and 2,450ft/min at 20K. Performance begins to drop severely above this altitude. A full fuel tank will last you 45 minutes and 77 minutes with drop tanks.

Aces High II Performance Charts[edit]

In Game Test Data
Turn performance
Clean w/25% fuel at sea level
Sustained turn radius 361 ft.
Sustained turn rate 30.9 dps
Corner Velocity 176 mph
Turn rate at CV 42.2 dps
Stall speed 72 mph
Full flaps w/25% fuel at sea level
Sustained turn radius 293 ft.
Sustained turn rate 28.4 dps
Stall speed 63 mph
Acceleration times
From 150 mph to 200 mph 10.0
From 150 mph to 250 mph 27.0
From 200 mph to 250 mph 17.0
From 150 mph to 300 mph NA
From 300 mph to 350 mph NA
MOSQ Test Data
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Ki-43-II speed chart Ki-43-II climb chart


A large drawback of the Ki-43 is its firepower, or rather lack of. Armed with only two 12.7mm machine guns the Oscar is severely undergunned when compaired to other Mid-War and Late-War aircraft. The Japanese Ho-103 12.7mm guns have a lower velocity than their US .50 caliber counterparts and are loaded with high explosive rounds that only become effective around D300. The guns carry 270 rounds per gun which will give you around 20 seconds of firing time. To effectively use the guns you should get within D200 - D300 and try to keep your fire on the enemy for a few of seconds. It may not seem like you are inflicting much damage initially, and that probably is the case, but sustained fire will dispatch most fighters. The high explosive rounds are most effective against the wings of your opponent and a one second burst against these will often tear one off. The guns are similarly effective at close range against light bombers but begin to struggle against medium bombers and do very little damage to heavy bombers.

The 250kg bombs can be effective at destroying vehicles, especially when coupled with the aircrafts maneuverability which makes bombing very easy and very accurate.


The Ki-43's major strength is its maneuverability. The aircraft is extremely light. Roll rate is well above average and turn rate is excellent. The Ki-43's greatest asset is its high speed flaps which make the aircraft one of the best turn-fighters in the skies. The first notch of flaps can be deployed at 250mph and the second notch at 200mph making turn very tightly. The aircraft remains controllable at speeds as low as 80 mph and is very forgiving in a stall. Dive performance is not good and long dives should be avoided. Controls become stiff in a dive over 350mph and lock up almost completely at around 390mph. Any sharp movements or maneuvering can tear off a wing, or both. To exit a dive you should cut your throttle and slowly pull back on the stick until the controls become responsive again.

Fighting in the Ki-43-II[edit]

Fighting against the Ki-43-II[edit]

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Vudu15's video review of the Ki-43-II.