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Logo created by SRD


Luftmorder is an Aces High II squad made up of primarily older pilots. We do have a select few younger pilots but in general we prefer members over the age of 18. Most of our members range from age 21 to 50. We are not a strict military type of squad. We are just a group of pilots that like to have fun and hang out. Several of our senior members have taken leave from the game so we are currently rebuilding our rosters. If you're intereseted in joining, look us up in the game. Our website is (


Luftmorder was created by Swoop777 in 2007. He is currently away from the game for personal reasons. Erkle is the acting leader of Luftmorder. The name Luftmorder was made up from two German words, luft meaning air and morder meaning assassin.

Voice Comms

Luftmorder's squad channel is vox 136. Feel free to tune to our vox if your interested in joining or if you just want to hang out with us.



Luftmorder fights for the Knights, primarily in the late war main arenas. Occasionally we fly in Snapshots for which ever country is involved.


Luftmorder is a German based squad but we fly any and all aircraft. To the right is Luftmorder's noseart, designed by SRD.


CO Erkle
CptSnow JC3 Sally Chase777 NOSNIBOR SRD
DPQ5 Snowjob J312 Pannono ALEXP777 44thATC
ghost215 RajiSun1 RajiSun2 fudgums basher18 Ace487
Barthelm Brice93 Corona6 Dcollins Eagle47 Boelcke0
KillaD2 willark Shipment