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Marianas Terrain[edit]

Terrain Details

Theater: Pacific Theater

Map size: 512

Weather: Default


Marianas strat map

Strat Details[edit]

Vehicle fields:
Task Groups:
Strat Zones:
AAA Factories:
Radar Factories:
Troop Training Facilities:
Oil Refineries:
Ammo Factories:

Construction Details[edit]

The scale of the map is 1 to 1.5 ... that means 1 game mile equals 1.5 real miles.

However while I shrunk the distances between islands and such I kept the islands at their real size.

So they are at 1 to 1 scale. I did this because otherwise it would be very hard to get all the historical bases in on the islands.

For several I had to non historical land anyway to allow for an airfield (Ulithi Atoll and Woleai Atoll).

Terrain Builder[edit]

  • CM Terrain Team

Custom Objects[edit]

Reskinned Default Vehicle Textures[edit]

  • --
  • --

Easter Eggs[edit]

There are no known Easter Eggs on this terrain.

Known Bugs[edit]

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