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|type        =Self propelled anti-aircraft gun
|type        =Self propelled anti-aircraft gun
|variantof    =  
|variantof    =  
|crew        =
|crew        =2
|loadout1-1  =1x 37mm cannon, 1000 rounds
|loadout1-1  =1x 37mm cannon, 1000 rounds
|loadout1-2  =1x 7.92mm MG, 1350 rounds
|loadout1-2  =1x 7.92mm MG, 1350 rounds

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WWII Vehicle

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The Ostwind in World War II


Unit Deployment

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Aces High II Vehicle

Type Self propelled anti-aircraft gun
Crew 2
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Mid War
Typical perk cost 0 (Late War)
ENY value 25 (Late War)
Available on carrier no
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The Ostwind in Aces High II

Your flying in a bomber formation, when you realize your going down in flames. Something got you by surprise! It might be a sneaky fighter, but it could be something else. A tank? That Can't be possible, can it? In AH you will recinize that there are many other dangers in AH, but this danger is a tank. The Ostwind has a 37mm flak gun that can be deadly at any time. This means there can be dangers lerking about when a plane sees a Ostwind and attacks. The Ostwind should survive.

Fighting in the Ostwind

The Ostwind is very rare, but some people still use the Ostwind and make a kill. You should use the 37mm flak alot if you want to create shock at the enemy. The Ostwind also has a 7.9mm machine gun on top for anti-tank emergencys. But you will find when in the Ostwind that it doesn't need the Flak and Machine guns. It already has great speed and steering. This means that Ostwind's can escape 100-500lb bomb droping from 1500ft and up. Unforunatly the Ostwind can not escape the area of 2000lb bombs. But it should try to kill the bomber before the bomber gets the bombing sight on the Ostwind.

Fighting against the Ostwind

This may be the hardest thing to kill, but if you do it right you may be the survivor! If you try to get a Ostwind with your rockets, that may do it. You see Ostwinds are very bad at long range killing. Rockets go 3x the range of the Ostwinds flak gun, makeing you have the upper hand at exicution. This may be your lucky day.


  • Even with rockets on your plane, be carefull for Ostwinds.
  • The Ostwind serves as a moveing flak gun.
  • Be calm, you could kill a Ostwind if you don't jump to inclusions!
  • Ostwinds have bad armour.
  • Never straight level bomb an Ostwind!