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WWII Vehicle

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The Ostwind in World War II


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Aces High II Vehicle

Type Self propelled anti-aircraft gun
Crew 2
Max Speed 20-30mph
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Mid War
Typical perk cost 0 (Late War)
ENY value 25 (Late War)
Available on carrier no
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The Ostwind in Aces High II

Often skiped by for the Wirblwind, I personally feel the osti is just as good as, if not better than, the wirb. What it lacks up for in volume and rate of fire, it makes up for in hitting power. While hits from a wirblwind may be deadly, a hit from the ostwind certinaly is.

Fighting in the Ostwind

Don't open fire too early, or you may scare him away. While 1.5k is concidered acceptable for a wirb, I usually concider 1k to be the maximum rage you should fire at. The reason is the osti doesn't have the volume of fire needed to guarentee hits. Open up at D1000-D800 and keep firing untill he is past you or dead.

Fighting against the Ostwind

Perhaps the most difficult AA vehicle to attack. The ostwind isn't as good at landing hits from the verticle or at a target moving perpendicular to its fire, but even one hit is fatal to all but the heavy bombers, the Il2 and occasionaly the P-47's. If you have a bomb, then use that, if not then you should try to turret it, or at least track it on one side so you have somewhere to attack from. The back of the hull is the only place you can land hits on that will actually kill the vehicle other than a lucky shot taht goes down the open top and happens to kill the driver.