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Any object listed in the Available Shapes List on the Objects tab in the Editing Options Area may be placed on a terrain.

As installed, all shapes are not listed in the Available Shapes List. The ../HTC/ah2editor/ahiiterr/shpfilter.txt file installed with the Aces High II Terrain Editor includes many more shapes that are not pertinent to terrain building, so they are filtered out of the Available Shapes list.

Some of these shapes include the aircraft, vehicles and boats in Aces High. Although it’s tempting to line up several aircraft shapes next to a runway to use as strafing targets, it’s not recommended as this will cause a considerable frame rate hit.

The shpfilter.txt file can be edited to include or remove shapes, depending on just how long you want the Available Shapes list to be. Renaming or removing the shpfilter.txt file and restarting the Terrain Editor will list all shapes.

The most common object that's added to a terrain is Tank Town.

Tank Town
Tank Town
Shape name: ttown0

It's properties should be set as a Group Master, Country Owned. It doesn't matter which country owns tank town.

Custom Objects[edit]

If you are building your terrain to be used offline, in Lan play or for an arena other than the Main Online Arenas you may want to include custom objects.

Custom objects are built using the Object Editor and 3D Modeling software. They are not created in the Terrain Editor and therefore discussion about creating them is beyond the of the scope of this document.


  • A terrain can have no more than 30,000 objects.