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Welcome to the Special Events section of Aces High II.

Special Events are created and supported by the CM Team. A complete list of all our events and CM Team members is found at AH Events

- Large-scale, realistic air battles with 350 pilots and historical objectives. - Air racing against 30 other aircraft, around pylons at 6 g's and under bridges at 400 miles per hour. - Battling it out in massive free-for-all dogfights, to see who is the last man standing.

- Weekly historically based missions, for more-realistic WWII air combat and a chance at command. These are some of the experiences in store for you in Aces High Special Events. Special Events are events dreamed up and implemented by Aces High players for the enjoyment the whole Aces High community. Not only is it a lot of fun to fly in these Special Events, it's a great place to experience the camaraderie that exists among the enthusiastic players who participate. Special Events include the following. To find out when they run, use the calendar that lists events and times.

Scenarios are large-scale battles that run a few times a year. Sometimes they are based on actual WWII battles, such as the Battle of Britain. Sometimes they are based on hypothetical battles that might have been. A scenario typically involves about 200 people divided into two sides. Each side has particular aircraft, mission objectives, squadron assignments, bases, and resources. A scenario typically runs over the course of a month, with one battle per week, each battle lasting 3-4 hours. If you ever wanted to be a real WWII pilot, this is about as close as you can get.

Extreme Air Racing are races that run once a week, with a different course and different aircraft each week. There are typically about 30 pilots competing, and the courses are much more exciting than could be implemented in real life, with portions of the courses going under bridges and through hangers. Do you like to race your car, your boat . . . your office chair at work? Did you like to race other kids on your bike? If so, this is the sport for you. You start her up when you hear "Gentlemen, start your engines!" Then, when the starting cannon goes off, you firewall it, and you're off -- wingtip to wingtip and nose to tail with dozens of other racers, all looking for that fastest line. It's a rush!

King of the Hill is the airplane equivalent of a cage match. A group of players, all in the same planes, all in the same area, fight it out until only one is left. The winner picks the next plane, and all is repeated for three rounds total. It is the mother of all furballs, where no one is your friend. Of course, no one is anyone else's friend, either, so there is balance. It is a wild, frenetic event that will get your pulse pounding and put a grin on your face -- unless you are the first one shot down, then it's grudge time! Did you ever play king of the hill as a kid on a mound of snow, wrestling around to see who could be the last one on top? This is the same thing -- in airplanes.

Friday Squad Operations (FSO) and Snapshots are all like Scenarios but run more frequently. They appeal to the same group of players: those who like more realism. These events have realistic aircraft matchups, mission objectives, and command structures. FSO is for registered Aces High squads and involves the Commanding Officer of each side coming up with mission orders and flight assignments prior to each mission. FSO runs a battle for three weeks, once per week, takes a week off, and then starts on the next battle. Snapshots are open to anyone who shows up, runs once per week, and requires no preplanning. Snapshots are like one-shot Scenarios with the planning done on the spot.

We hope that you give all of these events a try. Each is a blast in its own way. Also, the regulars are very happy to have new players join the events and share in the camaraderie. Come join your pals and join the fun!