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A Brief History of The SKELETON CREW

Formed February 1998 in Simguilds Flying Circus. Traditionally flies as Allies, or where aircraft of both sides available fly Allied aircraft. During the late '90's members of the squadron pioneered the building of 'simpits' (home cockpits for simulation) and the squadron was one of the first (quite probably the first) to include a comprehensive 'one on one' online training program ( C.A.T.S. - Combat Aviation Training System ) which was designed by a real world pilot to take the novice from basic flight skills through to air combat and Instructor level. The Derry Turn was first introduced to the combat sim community after being included as part of the low level evasives module in the C.A.T.S. program, and is now so familiar as to render it virtually ineffective as a defensive manoeuvre, although there does appear to be some disagreement now on how it should be performed.

The SKELETON CREW is also currently the only online squadron to be the subject of a novel :

'Blood and Old Bones' is a work of fiction inspired by the activities of the squadron both online and in the real world. 

The squadron moved to Aces High when Flying Circus closed but participation waned due to the majority of members being World War 1 air combat enthusiasts. In 2005 the C.O. SC-Mutt passed away after which time organised squadron events ceased. The squadron website was maintained and remaining members kept in touch hoping for a suitable World War 1 online arena to appear. With the inclusion in 2010 of a WW1 arena in Aces High, the squadron recommenced flying activities.


The squadron has always fostered good relations with other squadrons and players; we take our motto 'Fly with Honour' seriously and expect potential new recruits to do likewise. In particular the highest level of gentlemanly conduct appropriate to the historical period is encouraged if not demanded. Also our history points to the strong bonds of friendship formed over the years between remaining members. New members should expect no less and will be asked to fly alongside us as guests until both parties are comfortable with the prospect of full membership. Flying skills are not relevent in the recruiting process as we have our own in-house training program. Also we have no ambition to become a large squadron, as our name suggests we are accustomed to flying in small numbers, but encourage those interested in our unique approach to contact us.

The squadron values friendship and team spirit over personal pilot rankings or even squadron rankings, but we do strive to 'box above our weight' in terms of membership numbers through commitment to improving our flying and tactical skills both individually and as a team. Also we prefer an historical theme in our chosen arena, and members are encouraged to routinely post combat reports in the spirit of the era.

Anyone wishing to know more should leave a message on our home page, or speak to one of our members in the WW1 arena.