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[[F4U-1A]] clearing friendlies six
VF-17 [[F4U-1A]] clearing friendlies six

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Some B-17s on a long flight. [1]

VF-17 F4U-1A clearing friendlies six [2]

B-24s encountering Heavy Flak over target [3]

A Fw-190A5 vs B-17s [4]

A P-47N catches a FW-190A8 sleeping (shot taken/edited by Wolfala) [5]

P-51Ds from the Wings of Terror squadron Bore in guns blazing [6]

Fw190D-9s after a long successful mission, have returned to base [7]

An Italian C202 fends off RAF Boston III bombers in North Africa [8]

"71 RAF Squadron" forming up for a main arena fighter sweep [9]

"71 RAF Squadron" forming up on runway before a Spitfire Mk V sweep [10]

Horrido! [11]

VF-31 Tomcatter in action. [12]

Tomcatters on Runway alert. [13]

All in a days work.... [14]

Dance of Death [15]

Typical S.A.P.P. Takeoff [16]

Typical S.A.P.P. Formation [17]

Typical S.A.P.P. "Landing" [18]

A 109 from the Wings of Terror squadron tears up an F6F while a Seafire crosses his path. [19]

Seconds after the Seafire crosses the 109's path... [20]

Another F6F falls to the hands of a Wings of Terror 109. [21]

A Wings of Terror P-47D-40 dives on a Ostwind with all guns blazin' (edited by MstWntd/Spikes) [22]

A Wings of Terror P-38L kills a manned gun. (edited by MstWntd/Spikes) [23]

Wings of Terror F4U-4's on patrol. [24]

Two Wings of Terror F4U-4 Corsair's diving in. [25]

A Wings of Terror F4U-4 tears up a Spit16. [26]

La-5FN down, while a friendly 190 passes by to check out the situation. [27]

All in a day's work! [28]