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Set Up Controllers


The first time you enter Aces High, or whenever you add a new controller, you will need to set up and calibrate your controllers in the game. You can also adjust the functions assigned to your controllers any time you wish. Before you can do this, you must make sure your controllers are set up and calibrated in Windows. To do this, go to your Control Panel, select "Gaming Options", "Game Controllers" or something similar (depending on which version of Windows you have) and follow the instructions which apply.

Once Windows recognizes your controllers, you will need to follow these steps before you are ready to take full advantage of your controllers:

Ensure AH Recognizes Your Controllers

Select the Mode to Set Up and Calibrate

Assign AH Functions to Your Controllers

Calibrate Your Controllers

Adjust the Settings on Your Controllers

Set the Force Feedback Inputs (if applicable)

To select your controllers and assign AH controls to them, go to the clipboard and select OPTIONS -> CONTROLS -> MAP CONTROLLERS from the clipboard menu. This will open the window shown to the right.

Ensure AH Recognizes Your Controller(s)

The first thing you need to do is make sure the game recognizes all of your controllers. To do this, click the drop-down box under "Select Controller" and make sure they are all listed as shown below.


If all of your controllers are not listed in the "Select Controller" list, exit the game and ensure Windows recognizes your controllers. If Windows recognizes them, check the status of any software that may have come with your controllers.

Aces High recognizes most controllers without requiring the software that comes with them. If the game is not recognizing your controller, try shutting down the software. If you are not using the software for anything else, un-install it and see if this allows the game to recognize the controller. If your controllers still do not show up in the game, contact support by emailing support AT (spaces and AT added to reduce spam).

Select the Mode to Setup and Calibrate


Aces High allows you to configure up to 4 controller “modes” and switch between them at any time – even while in flight. You can have a totally different function for each button and axis for each mode or you can have some minor differences that make performing a certain mission of controlling a certain plane or vehicle a little easier. This can come in handy if you like different controller setups for flying fighters, bombers, driving ground vehicles, or performing some other specialty function.

Before you start changing things, make sure you are changing the right mode. To select the mode you want to change, use the drop down “Mode Selection” box and click on the mode you wish to modify. Mode 1 (Planes & Default) is selected in the image above and is the configuration you will set up first.


Checking the “Auto select mode at start of flight” option will automatically set you in controller Mode 1 if you are flying a plane and Mode 2 if you select a vehicle or PT Boat. If you select this option, make sure you have Mode 2 set up!

A Note on Changing Between Modes in the Game: If you wish to use different modes for different type planes / vehicles, you will need to map keys or assign buttons on your controllers to switch between the modes. Defaults for this function are not assigned.

Assign AH Functions to Your Controllers


After you have selected the mode you are going to work on, you will want to assign Aces High controls to all of your available buttons, hats, and axis. Pressing the “Default Map” button located in the upper left corner of the clipboard assigns a function to each available button / axis on your controllers. To see what functions were assigned to what button / hat / axis, select the appropriate controller from the "Select Controller" list and look at the list located in the center of the clipboard. If you are unsure which button is which, pressing the button on your controller will highlight it in the list as shown with button “Fire 5”. The button listed as “Fire 5” on my joystick is set to transmit my VOX radio.


If you are setting up Mode 2, 3, or 4 after setting up Mode 1, you can select the mode you wish to modify and then click on the “Copy Mode 1” button on the clipboard. This copies your Mode 1 settings to the new mode allowing you to make the changes you want without having to set up all the other buttons / axis.


There are two ways to set a button yourself. You can double click on an item in the “Controller Input” list or single click it and then press the “Modify” button located below the list. Both of these actions will bring up the “Select AH Function” window shown at the right.

The “Select AH Function” window shows the controller and the specific button you are about to set the function for. The AH functions are divided into 7 categories. Six of these categories are available to any button or hat on your controllers. These categories are “Global”, “View”, “Flight”, “Gunner”, “Chute” and “Vehicle”. The seventh, “Analog Inputs”, are for the axis on your controllers. Global functions are those functions available to you anywhere in the game. The other categories are available for the specific locations or functions.

Once you have located the function you want to assign to your controller, simply highlight it by left clicking on it and then click the “OK” button located at the bottom of the “Select AH Function” box. You have now assigned that function to your controller. Once you are done setting all the controllers, click the “OK” button on the clipboard to ensure all changes made are saved.

There are probably many more AH controls than available Controller Inputs. You need to decide what inputs you want available to you on your controllers. The key is to have your controls set up so you don’t have to move your hands to a different controller during combat.