Silent Executioners

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Silent Executioners Squadron

The SEs have been a few names since I have been around, Most of us come from the "54Th Fighter Squadron The Screeming Eagles" from before I joined in 2001,(as SEmckegg) Now as SEkegger I am CO of the Silent Executioners and really enjoy flying with these men. The new name has been is force since 2004 and we have had a few request to go back to the screeming Eagles but have not really had a majority vote on it. SEs Squad night is Saturday night 8:00 pm EST all are encouraged to attend and we usually take between 3 and 6 bases on an average Squad night. Once a month we have a "King of the SEs" night that really is a blast. Last one standing at the end of the night is that months King of the SEs. More to come and remember SEs you are all free to post and edit this sight