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Welcome to Aces High II Special Events
information home concerning Special Events in Aces High II.

Special Events are created and supported by the CM Team. A complete list of all our events and CM Team members is found at AH Events

Special Events offer Large-scale, realistic air battles with 350 pilots and historical objectives. - Air racing against 30 other aircraft, around pylons at 6 g's and under bridges at 400 miles per hour. - Battling it out in massive free-for-all dogfights, to see who is the last man standing. Weekly historically based missions, for more-realistic WWII air combat and a chance at command. These are some of the experiences in store for you in Aces High Special Events. Special Events are events dreamed up and implemented by Aces High players for the enjoyment the whole Aces High community. Not only is it a lot of fun to fly in these Special Events, it's a great place to experience the camaraderie that exists among the enthusiastic players who participate. To find out when the special events run, use the Calendar that lists events and times.