Sunday European Campaign

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Sunday European Campaign[edit]

The Sunday European Campaign is a new special event to Aces High that is somewhere between a snapshot and an FSO event.. It was designed for the European Player base to have an event during there prime-time hours. It is run for 3 frames for each set-up. These frames last approx. 2 hours in duration. Here is the write-up for SEC:

What is it?[edit]

SEC is a set of player organised events loosely based on historic military actions. The objectives are simple: 1) Fun 2) Fly missions based on history within the AH2 game

When is it?[edit]

The events will be held on Sunday Evenings in the European Time Zone. That is starting 7pm in the UK, 8pm in France/Germany, 9 pm in Finland/Estonia, 2 PM EST The planned length is 2 hours.

Who's running it?[edit]

Volunteer Players of AH2 (Aces High CM team), just like you!

EDs (Event Designers) research a little history and convert that into a set of rules instructions for an event for us all to fly. CMs (Community Managers) set the arena up and run the event on the night (they're the ones who give you a new life when you crash on take off - so be nice to them ;-) COs (Commanding Officers) are players who have volunteered to lead a side into battle. They get the top secret orders in advance and come up with a plan of how their side will win the battle, perhaps they'll change history.... FLs (Flight Leaders) are players who work with the CO ahead of the event and lead groups of players on the CO's missions.

What are the rules?[edit]

1) Normal rules of AH2 (etiquete = be nice to everyone) 2) Anyone can join, you do NOT need to be part of a squad. Just turn up on time and ask for orders. 3) If you are part of a squad, it would help if your squad can volunteer as CO and FL positions. 4) You need to follow the orders of your CO / FL, you may not always get to fly your preference of a fighter or bomber. Of course, the enemy may prevent you following the orders of your CO - that's part of the fun. 5) Lives are limited, so fly carefully. If things go to plan, you get 1 life per hour BUT the CM may change this at their discression if one side dies faster or slower than expected. If you do something silly (e.g. crash on take off), ask the CM nicely and you'll almost certainly get a new life

And the winner is....?[edit]

Every player that has fun. Long term, there may be scores posted somewhere, there may be a critique of the CO's mission plans if the CO wants it. Remember, these are based on historic actions, modified for gameplay. One side will always have an advantage over the other so a straight win by counting kills won't be possible.

Can you help?[edit]

Yes! If you know of a historic action you'd like to see re-created - let us know. Post an outline here in the forum. The more you can share of the history the better. You can volunteer to be a CO and/or FL too, just post in the forum that you're willing - it will help us a lot in getting the next events together.

Current and Past set-ups[edit]

Battle Of Britain

Axis CO Dhyran(Frames 1 & 2) Subwaych(Frame 3)

Allies Co rbull312

Battle of Tali-Ihantala

Soviet CO Fudgums(Now known as "Gerd")

Finish CO Kotari