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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Infobox AH Vehicle (see that page for the template itself).
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


Infobox Vehicle

{{Infobox Vehicle}}

This infobox shows summary information for Aces High II vehicles.

Only the name and country fields are required; all others are optional.

{{Infobox Vehicle
|name         =<!-- REQUIRED: name of the specific variant -->
|image        =<!-- screenshot image.... no "Image:", just the filename -->
|type         =<!-- e.g. Tank, Troop Transport -->
|variantof    =<!-- optional link to parent article -->
|nickname     =<!-- optional nickname (use this if only one) -->
|nicknames    =<!-- optional nicknames (use this if more than one) -->
|country      =<!-- REQUIRED: country of manufacture -->
|manufacturer =<!-- manufacturing company -->
|crew         =<!-- e.g. Single-seat, Seven crew -->
|width        =
|length       =
|height       =
|internalfuel =
|earliestMA   =<!-- link to the earliest Main Arena in which the aircraft is available -->
|perkcost     =<!-- typical perk cost in Main Arenas -->
|LWENY        =<!-- typical ENY value in Late War Main Arenas -->
|carrier      =<!-- available from carriers in Main Arenas: yes/no -->


{{Infobox Vehicle
|name         =Panzer IV Type H
|type         =Tank
|variantof    =[[Panzer IV]]
|country      =Germany
|manufacturer =Krupp, Vomag, Nibelungenwerk
|crew         =5
|width        =2.88m
|length       =7.02m
|height       =2.68m
|earliestMA   =[[Mid war]]
|perkcost     =0
|LWENY        =20
|carrier      =no