The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot (Offline Mission)

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The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot is a set of offline missions created by soda72.

The fate of Raid IV[edit]

At 1130, Ozawa's CarDiv 1 and CarDiv 2, six carriers, completed a combined launch of 82 aircraft in Raid IV. When it was launched, Raid IV was directed to a bogus fix about 110 miles south of Task Force 58 and about 95 miles southwest of Guam. It was a fiasco. When no targets were found at that fix, 18 aircraft returned to their carrier. The other 15 aircraft from CarDiv 1 took up a heading to Rota, while 49 aircraft from CarDiv 2 proceeded toward Guam. At 1423, the small group of 15 aircraft, sighted TG 58.2. They changed course for the attack. Six aircraft came in under the CAP and attacked the cruiser Mobile, and carriers Wasp and Bunker Hill.

The larger group of 49 aircraft from CarDiv 2 continued on a heading to Guam. At 1449, they jettisoned their bombs near Guam. An hour earlier, Enterprise had launched two divisions of Hellcats and escorts for seaplanes from the cruisers and battleships. The SOCs were also escorted by the F4U night fighters. One of the Enterprise divisions was led by Lt. Rod Devine. It was his first launch of the day.

The Devine division was ordered to investigate bogeys enroute to Guam around 1510. When the remainder of Raid IV arrived at Guam, they were met by Yorktown, Cowpens, Essex, Hornet, and Enterprise fighters. Thirty of the 49 aircraft were destroyed. Nineteen aircraft that managed to land at Rota were so badly damaged that they were beyond repair. In ten minutes the Devine division destroyed 11 aircraft, while another section of Hellcats from Enterprise accounted for 4 more kills. The Devine division was in the right position at the right time and made the most of it. This brought the Grim Reapers' (VF-10) total to 18 aircraft destroyed at the loss of one Hellcat: a total that was less glamorous than some carriers, but only a few of the enemy escaped once contact was made.


The package is in two parts, each of which contains two missions:

Part 1:

  • Raid IV - Attack Task Force 58 (Axis)
  • The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot (Allied)

Part 2:

  • Raid IV - Attack Cruiser Mobile (Axis)
  • CAP Task Force 58 (Allied)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Download link[edit]

Installation instructions[edit]

  • Terrain: the avaphil2.res file goes in your Aces High II\ahiiterr folder.
  • Mission files (in the mission zip): the turkysh1.mis and turkysh2.mis files go into your Aces High II\offmiss folder.
    • Non-default install location: If your Aces High installation is not in the default location (which is C:\Program Files\HTC\Aces High II\ ), you will need to edit the turkysh2.mis file. Find the Aces High II\offmiss\turkysh2.mis file in Windows Explorer and open it in a text editor such as Notepad. Now do a replace (Edit > Replace in Notepad), changing each C:\Program Files\HTC\Aces High II\ to match your install location. Now save the turkysh2.mis file. (Note - this is a temporary workaround only; this step will not be needed after a future Offline Mission Editor release.)
  • Sound files (also in the mission zip): The turkysh2 folder that contains all the .wav files goes into your Aces High II\offmiss folder. Place the entire turkysh2 folder into your offmiss folder, so the .wav files end up being in the Aces High II\offmiss\turkysh2 folder.
  • Run the mission: As with any offline mission, run Aces High, choose the terrain first (avaphil2), then go to Offline Practice and select Practice Missions. You will then see the missions available, with various options.

Carrier takeoffs[edit]

These missions are unusual among offline missions in that they include takeoffs from carriers. For the Kate (B5N2) missions in part 2, this requires you to adjust some arena settings to be able to take off.

Open Clipboard > Options > Environment > Wind and:

  • Select Windspeed (0);
  • Make the wind north-to-south by clicking N;
  • Set Speed to 25;
  • Set Rise to 10;
  • Click the Set Layer button.

  • Select Windspeed (1);
  • Make the wind north-to-south by clicking N;
  • Set Speed to 0;
  • Set Rise to 0;
  • Click the Set Layer button.

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